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Document Management For Public Sector : Deliver A great Service With The Documents You Need At Your Fingertips

At DocTech we have many Public Sector live installations of our solutions. We get to know our clients well and strive to know what they want to achieve with their business processes. Whether you are a Charity, Housing Association, Local Council, School, College or pretty much and public body, our solutions WILL add value and offer a Return on Your Investment in a matter of months. Available on premise or in the cloud, we offer a variety of methods to work with us such as lease option.  But our primary focus is improving your business processes and increasing your profit – the finer details can be handled later.

In recent years the public sector has been under intense scrutiny and pressure to drive down costs, whilst still delivering services with the same exceptional value that the public have become accustomed too. To meet these demands, forward thinking councils and other public sector organisations are looking for breakthrough ideas and better ways of working.

The management of communications it is key to the provision and performance of ‘value for money’ services. Service users now expect faster response times with access to accurate and complete information in an efficient and timely manner, and a better choice of information delivery devices.

Effective document management is increasingly becoming an essential tool to help translate service user data in the context of growing customer expectations. DocuWare brings the ideas and innovations that can help government and public agencies save money, whilst empowering employees and improving services to the public.

We understand you don’t have time to waste, so simply contact us, tell us what you want to do or the problem  you are having and we will tell you if you we have suitable solutions.

Get in Touch:  info@doctech.co.uk   0161 667 7040

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“York College, rated Outstanding by Ofsted in 2013, has been using DocuWare for over 8 years. During this time the use of DocuWare for document management and archiving has proven to be a huge success and benefit for the College. Integration with College MI systems has facilitated automation of processes as well as providing the College the means to drastically reduce the storage of paper documents and increasing efficiencies. The advice, support and guidance received from Doctech has been excellent, and has helped with the successful installation and use of DocuWare at York College.”
Azhar Iqbal, York College

Find out more about our success with York College in our case study here.


Speed up processes and improve efficiencies with fast access to data and information, anytime, anywhere.

Document storage & access

With so many varying public sector organisations, the flow of information from one department or organisation to another can be slow, and access to relevant documentation is often limited.
With DocuWare, data and information is stored in compliance with legal requirements in a central document pool. Allowing the automation of business processes and workflow, DocuWare reduces time and costs and increases efficiency. With document imaging, content management and workflow solutions, your business processes are optimised and your efficiencies are enhanced.

Say Goodbye to File Chaos

Store and organise any type of document, including electronic files and e-mail. Invoices, statements, customer orders, price information, product specifications, delivery notes, quotes, item descriptions and all other company documentation is stored in one common document pool. Documents are available quickly and easily, at any time and from any location. Invoice approval is simpler and quicker, and data quality is improved.

The Digital Document Advantage

On a typical workday, information can be processed in many ways. From paper documents to emails and other electronic files, this information usually finds its way into filing cabinets, shared network drives or email accounts.

For many employees, it can be a struggle to stay on top of daily workloads. Being inundated with information and hampered by inefficient, paper based business processes often leads to frustration and lowers productivity levels.
It’s no surprise then, that forward thinking organisations are seeking out paperless office solutions to eliminate manual processes and repetitive tasks. When properly implemented and configured, document management software allows employees to quickly store and retrieve the documents they need, at the click of a mouse.

And the result? A fluid and efficient workflow process. And a significant increase in productivity.

For further information about 3rd party integration in the Public Sector, please view our integrations page: Integrations.

Features & Benefits of DocuWare

From simple file management to full workflow solutions, document management software is the perfect solution for any organisation that faces an ongoing battle with storing document and information.

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