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Car Dealerships: Increase Profits with DocuWare

Author: Ruban Rajasooriyar

Document management software has helped dealerships triple profits since 2008. However, the industry will not continue to grow exponentially without widespread adoption and use of document management software in auto dealerships. Want a more specific example? Check out how to turn a weekly, 8-hour long process into a 10-minute process with automation and workflow from DocTech.

To stay competitive, a dealership must provide superb customer service while improving its processes, and that is why DocuWare can help! Save time filing and retrieving important documents for inquiries, save money on expensive commercial real estate, paper, labor, and other associated costs, and better serve your clients by accurately tracking necessary documents. DocuWare is the trusted solution for organisations of various size and industry with the same goal: they want to become more efficient with their business documents and reduce operating expenses.

Car dealerships: More profitable with document management software

With higher employment rates, better credit scores, and lower petrol prices, automotive reports forecast that the automotive industry will sell over 20 million vehicles in 2018, and sales could reach 25 million in 2020.

But as dealerships know, the sales process is innately paper intensive, right? But it doesn’t have to be. 

You probably have many filing cabinets, maybe even rooms full of documents, occupying expensive space in your dealership.   When staff need to find something – deal jackets, repair orders, warranty claims, or historical documents for inquiries, stress builds as they dig through files, murmuring, “Where is that document?!”  "Who had it last?" They need a centralised electronic document repository.

DocuWare is your SOLUTION! Let us help you stay competitive as you save time and money by streamlining processes, regaining space, and offering top level client and supplier service.

DocuWare Helps Car Dealerships To Manage:

  • Sales-Related Paperwork
  • Deal Jackets
  • Title & Lease Applications
  • Invoices
  • HR Records
  • Warranty Claims
  • Parts Orders
  • Proof of Delivery
  • Repair Orders
  • Maintenance Records
  • Customer Information
  • Credit Applications
  • DMV Documents
  • Technical Manuals
  • Marketing Materials
  • Compliance Information

There’s never been a better time to speak with us about our software. Whether you prefer an On-Premise or Cloud solution, DocuWare will help make your dealership’s operations more efficient and compliant!  DocuWare has helped many car dealerships enhance their F&I, HR, Service, Parts, and other departments to drive down the cost and hassle of managing paper.

Don’t put your dealership at risk: invest in secure, robust, and user-friendly document management software.

You sell the cars. We’ll manage the paperwork.  Call DocTech on 0161 647 7040 or fill out the contact form to have one of our experts get in touch.

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