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DocTech Sees Interest in Digital Signatures at an all Time High

Author: Ruban Rajasooriyar

DocTech, a leading reseller of document management solutions have seen a sharp rise in enquiries about the use of digital signatures, how the technology works and security behind it.

Digital signatures are needed by companies looking to secure and safeguard any message. When a user digitally signs a document, their server adds a type of one way encryption to the message content.  The process creates a signature or ‘virtual fingerprint’ only that server can decrypt. This validates the sender, as well as the integrity of the message content.  It protects the information in it and guarantees that the content has not been altered in transit.

The Bury based firm have recently added digital signature software into its portfolio of solutions, due to the simple way it can integrate into an organisations existing processes. DocTech have witnessed its customers streamline processes, reduce over heads and have a quicker turn around on documents out to be signed.

“The value of digital signatures is becoming more and more recognised” said Managing Director Ruban Rajasooriyar. “The on-going effect of Coronavirus means organisations are having to re-assess their processes and look at more effective ways of working. Giving suppliers and clients an easy way to digitally sign and time stamp documents, automates workflows and provides legal compliance.”

Of those using digital signatures, turnaround on signed documents can decrease on average from two days to minutes.  90% of contracts are completed on the same day which creates less manual work for staff. 

Digital signature software used alongside DocTech’s document management solutions, means a document can be sent out, signed and securely stored in a matter of minutes. Those documents then become instantly available to anyone with access across the business.

Summarising, Ruban said “2020 has been a challenging year for all businesses, and we’re still getting through it. It has however, been great to speak with so many forward thinking organisations that are looking to adopt a real digital change”.

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