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DocTech - DocuWare UK Partner Since 1995

Laura Bulmer Author: Laura Bulmer

DocTech provide an array of document management products to their clients which are made up of in house developed solutions and 3rd party software including DocuWare.  

These solutions were created with a shared goal - to enable organisations to reach the pinnacle of efficiently compliant business processes and digital document storage.   

DocuWare is a core solution on offer to DocTech clients, many of whom have worked with DocTech for over 20 years and have a mixture of on-premise and cloud implementations.  They range from basic DocuWare repositories to some of the most complex DocuWare workflows and integrations with their other business systems.  

DocTech have been a DocuWare partner for more than 25 years.

In the link below DocuWare share the partnership journey from their perspective.

DocuWare Partner Case Study - DocTech.


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