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Document control may not be the most glamorous of subjects!  But if your business needs to comply with industry regulations relating to information security, sharing and storage, then read on.

It is important for every company to have a management system in place in order to efficiently control document creation, storage and flow through the business.  It’s essential for quality management, efficient business processes and compliance.  Companies in highly regulated industries such as finance, food, healthcare, construction, engineering and energy can face legal action if their document processes don’t comply with the law.

Common problems with business documents

When choosing the right software for your business it is first important to look at what problems you’re having:

  • Document chaos? Files saved across desktops, in filing cabinets, on the server, on someone’s desk….
  • Version control – do you know which is the latest version of a policy document?
  • Tracking changes – can you say what change was made, when, by who and who approved it?
  • Manual processes taking too much time – checking invoices against purchase orders, against proof of delivery notes
  • Duplication – are there multiple versions of the same document floating around the business or has an invoice been paid twice?
  • Standalone software – if your separate business systems aren’t integrated, they could be creating more work than necessary.

At DocTech we speak with a variety of people across multiple industries who struggle with all, some or more of the above!  Document control is often at the centre of many of these issues, and a document management system can help.

Understand your business processes across all departments, look for what’s not working, what’s working well and what needs improving.  At this point you may realise things can be fixed in house, or that you need a dedicated document management system.

How much does a document management system cost?

In truth it varies depending on the number of users, requirements and hosting options.

How much your problems are costing you to begin with, will also affect your feelings on the price and the return on investment.  Think about the wasted time looking for documents, invoices paid more than once, a failed audit, or the wrong product made……..the list could be endless.

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