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DocuWare's Latest Release - DocuWare 7.10

Laura Bulmer Author: Laura Bulmer   |    On: Tuesday Mar 19, 2024

DocuWare’s latest version, DocuWare 7.10 will be available to DocuWare Cloud users from early April and the on-premises version will follow in mid-April.  

This upcoming release offers significant improvements in usability and security.  We’re particularly excited about the new feature offering the ability to scroll within the document viewer!

This latest version also brings some helpful innovations for the areas of workflow management and configuration.

Ease of Use

When scrolling in the document viewer, users can navigate through documents conveniently using the mouse wheel.  With DocuWare 7.10, users can also easily navigate through documents using the mouse wheel.

Whether it's a multi-page PDF or a document consisting of several files, such as a PDF, a Word file and two JPEG graphics.  Intuitively scroll from one page to the next, even across file boundaries.  In addition, if a document page is not fully displayed in the viewer, it can be panned.

Scrolling Benefits:

  • Read through multi-page documents
  • Browse through complex documents consisting of several files
  • Work intuitively and click less
  • No difference when navigating between pages of a document and files of a document
  • Find any needed page section quickly and easily at a glance

Our Solutions

Securityimproving document security

Checksum with new encryption algorithm and authorisation of all DocuWare components via oAuth2.

If you have enabled integrity checking in the file cabinet settings, a checksum is created for each stored document during archiving.  This allows you to determine if a document has been modified at the file level in the viewer, using the 'Check if document has been modified button'.  This function now uses the new SHA-256 algorithm.

Additional security mechanisms for communication via webhooks and web services.

When you use webhooks and web services, the HMAC cryptographic technology guarantees the authenticity and integrity of transmitted messages, in addition to other security mechanisms.

To execute a test HTTP request, in the Workflow Designer, you use the send function in the web service activity and in the configuration of webhooks, you use the test function.  The hash is calculated with the passphrase of the organisation.  The user running the test must be an organisation administrator.  The DocuWare iPaaS Connector for make.com also checks this signature.  This applies to webhooks, web service activities in the workflow and validation in store and index dialogs.

Workflow Management and Configuration

There are some handy new features with workflows.  The 'requests status' is now displayed in the lists.  Users can now view the status of their requests in the list of sent requests.

The status column shows either 'completed' or 'pending'.  You can also sort your requests according to the 'decision' and 'status' columns.

It is now possible to export the workflow history as a .CSV file to use the data for your own purposes.  In addition, you can view the start and end time of an activity in the workflow history.  The 'completed-on' column (previously date) now only shows the date and time of completion.  As long as the activity is still being processed, the column remains empty.  The start time can be found in the details of the individual activity.

This might be useful as part of an audit where you need a proof of process for the auditor, as well as providing this as a CSV file.  It can also be used when you need a controlling overview for an internal company evaluation, as well as when an error has occurred in a workflow.  The history provides information for solving the problem. 

This new feature offers a convenient provision of information and more flexibility.  In addition, you will find:

  • New endpoints and query parameters for web services
  • Improved overview of requests and workflow history
  • Mandatory field and read-only option for entire index tables

Users with the Designer role can now also monitor and stop workflow instances.  This means they also have the permissions of the Controller role by default, without having to be granted them separately.  In addition, designers and controllers no longer need any additional permissions to open the Workflow Designer.

In the workflow designer, if you set up a web service for a REST API, the PATCH method is now also available for the HTTP request - in addition to the already supported GET, PUT, POST and DELETE methods.

When setting up a web service, you work with complicated objects and resources and PATCH provides you with a simpler method.  This is to facilitate easier configuration and to save time.

Table Calculations in DocuWare Forms

Digital formsDocuWare Forms has seen an improvement to better meet accounting needs with a complete table calculation feature.  Form designers can not only perform calculations between numeric columns within a table, but can also sum columns across multiple tables and use other numeric fields in the digital form and fixed values to create a formula.

Uses include:

  • Travel expense form - calculate mileage reimbursement and sum it up with other expenses from the business trip
  • Purchase request form - sum up the costs of the required items entered in a table
  • Order form - sum up the costs of the ordered items entered in a table, multiply with the tax percentage and add delivery fees.

Benefits of Table Calculations

  • Calculations are performed automatically, eliminating the possibility of human error whilst saving valuable staff time
  • Calculation results are already displayed when filling the form
  • Faster further processing since the calculated values can be used as index entries

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Sign Documents with Multiple Sections

Via Validated ID you can now sign documents with multiple files.  Perhaps you have a document consisting of two PDF files, for example a service description and a data protection agreement.  With the new option, the contract with all its components can be signed by the business partner.  The benefit here is enhanced flexibility with signatures. 

You can find out more about these and all the other new features in DocuWare version 7.10 in the by contacting your account manager, viewing our support pages, or if you are not yet a DocTech client but would like more information or a demo of DocuWare, please get in touch.   
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