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DocuWare 7.9 - DocuWare's Latest Release

Laura Bulmer Author: Laura Bulmer

DocuWare's latest version, DocuWare 7.9 will be available in October and offers significant improvements for managing the purchasing process.

Not only has the reconciliation of table data from different sources been optimised, but the extended cross-check of invoice items, alongside new functions for forms and XML invoices, offer plenty of advantages for both our current customers and future prospects.

DocuWare 7.9 Highlights

DocuWare 7.9 highlights include tables in forms, enhanced imports and advanced matching of table data which we summarise below.

Tables in Digital Forms

Tables can now be inserted into DocuWare digital forms which supports structured data collection in a purchasing process.  For example, it clearly lists items a colleague has requested.  This goes on to help automated document workflows, speeding up tasks whilst reducing errors.

Tables can be inserted like any other field by dragging and dropping them from the form designer tool bar.  Single line text, numeric, date, and drop-down are supported as column formats.

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Tables in digital forms



Users can now import XML invoice data into index tables. Line items are automatically transferred to the displayed index table of a document. 

An item from an invoice can easily be connected to a row of an index table, and then all other items on the invoice will automatically be entered into the table.

DocuWare import

This version update means all line item data from invoices are automatically captured, removing manual data entry and reducing errors.

Workflow Management and Document Processing

Tables can now be matched from different table sources.  This enhanced comparison of table data, alongside other new options for data manipulation, makes invoice verification even faster and more robust against scanning errors. 

For verification of invoice items, up to 20 documents (such as purchase orders) can be used for reconciliation.

The DocuWare Platform as a web service option makes it possible, for example, to stamp invoices as "paid" after they have been processed in an accounting system.   This speeds up processes and and improves the accuracy of data.

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DocuWare 7.9 provides the ability to get a link for task lists and export the task list as a CSV file.  This may be useful when a manager wants to know how many tasks each member of the team is working on.

API calls can now be made within a workflow, as well as:

  • More granular table loops
  • Table to table comparison
  • Fuzzy logic
  • Regular expressions - helpful for manipulating strings by certain patterns
  • LINQ methods - to check whether a certain value appears in an index table column, and
  • Table source can now be a file cabinet header

In addition to the above, further features of DocuWare now mean users of an on-premise system can change their own network ID in the Web Client.  Single sign-on can continue to be used after changing the user or domain name. 

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