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Is Your Business Struggling with Document Retention?

Author: Ruban Rajasooriyar

Something we’re being asked about a lot at the minute is document retention, and how DocuWare can help.

Businesses in the UK must comply with various legal requirements, whether that’s protecting personal data or safeguarding sensitive company information.  Depending on severity, businesses that don’t comply can harm their reputation, bottom line or even face criminal damages.

It’s important to have a document retention policy in place, as a way to keep track of the legal requirements.  It also ensures no confidential information is kept longer than it should be.

Keeping on top of document retention can be a huge task.  For a business with multiple types of documents, all with various retention rules, starting from different times, how do you manage it?

Many may use an Excel, which in itself is another document to have to control and update.  Or save information in a folder structure in such a way that clearly shows the creation or deletion date.  Either way it's time consuming and open to error.

With DocuWare’s Deletion Workflows, it’s simple.  The system can be set to know that after three years any invoice is deleted or after six months, any job applications removed.  It can be applied to any document for any period of time, and once set up, the system takes care of the rest.

Along with this, businesses can also have control over who (if anyone) is able to delete a document. This automatically prevents the unauthorised destruction of documents, improves compliance and security.

Talk to us about document retention whether you’re an existing DocuWare user, or looking for a new system to manage your data.

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