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Thursday 11 May 2023

The Latest DocuWare Releases – An Overview From DocTech

DocuWare 7.8 on premise is now available. Cloud customers will be upgraded via the DocuWare schedule as normal.

Thursday 27 Apr 2023

How Will Technology Shape The Office Of Tomorrow?

In this blog we discuss how automation and machine learning look set to revolutionise the workplace of the future.

Tuesday 25 Apr 2023

Storing Emails – Why They Should Be Outside Of Your Inbox

With so many important business documents being sent electronically that are needed by the entire organisation, efficiently storing emails and providing access for colleagues has never been more vital.

Tuesday 4 Apr 2023

The 10 Benefits Of Digital Document Storage

While some people find comfort in having documents stored in physical form, or stick with paper because "that's how it's always been done", the world has rapidly 'going digital'. Digital solutions are making every day tasks ...

Wednesday 29 Mar 2023

Accurate Document Capture With Kodak Alaris Capture Pro

Accurate document capture should be the beginning of any good document process. It ensures the right information kick starts business processes to improve efficiency and reduce errors. Kodak Alaris' high performance scanners ...

Friday 17 Mar 2023

3 Way Matching in Accounts Payable

3 way matching in Accounts Payable safeguards businesses against the threat of fraud, over payment and provides control over spending. Automated 3 way matching gives business owners the security they need to ensure only ...

Thursday 16 Mar 2023

Your Guide To Buying Business Scanners

Organisations opting to move away from paper in favour of digital documents will require a high quality business scanner. Scanning documents and saving information digitally means paper and manual data entry can be removed ...

Thursday 9 Mar 2023

7 Ways To Boost User Adoption Of Your Document Management System

Boosting user adoption of your Document Management System will bring about a variety of benefits for both staff and the business as a whole. Employees feel empowered while learning new skills, business process efficiency ...

Thursday 23 Feb 2023

Housing Association Saves Over £22,000 Per Year With Paperless System

A leading housing group has revealed that moving one area of its operation from a paperless system to a digital system has saved £22,500 per year through using DocTech's document management software.

Tuesday 7 Feb 2023

DocTech - DocuWare UK Partner Since 1995

DocTech provide an array of document management products to their clients which are made up of in house developed solutions and 3rd party software including DocuWare. These solutions were created with a shared goal - to ...

Thursday 2 Feb 2023

How To Choose An Electronic Document Management System

When choosing an Electronic Document Management System there are important points to consider that will impact the success of the implementation alongside how well it's adopted by staff.

Tuesday 24 Jan 2023

DocuWare's Longest UK Partner Off To A Flying Start for 2023!

For the 19th consecutive year, DocTech have achieved the DocuWare accolade of “Diamond Partner”. This membership recognises the most successful global DocuWare Partners for 2022.

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