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Tuesday Sep 21, 2021

How to Overcome the Challenges of Workforce Management

Overcoming the challenges of workforce management is likely to be an ongoing and evolving task for many organisations. With so much to consider: safety in the workplace, up skilling workers and the admin of managing employee ...

Tuesday Sep 14, 2021

10 Significant Benefits of Using a HR Management System

Efficient and secure employee record management is just the start when it comes to the benefits of using a HR Management System. With the challenges a remote workforce brings, ensure your organisation continues to support ...

Tuesday Sep 07, 2021

Using an Employee Management System - Everything you need to know

With an Employee Management System, Human Resources departments can replace paper-based or manual processes with digital workflows that mean there’s more time to assist staff with career progression, training needs or mental ...

Tuesday May 28, 2019

HR Digital Transformation

HR digital transformation is the process of moving manual, paper based processes to automated digital ones. If people and process are the keys to success in business, it’s more important than ever for organisations to focus ...

Tuesday May 21, 2019

HR Audit - What Might Auditors Look For?

Knowing in advance what auditors look for during a HR audit can help businesses proactively plan to avoid some of the most common mistakes made. A HR consultant may look at processes relating to:

Friday Aug 31, 2018

12 Tips for Automating Employee Onboarding

How would you feel if your first day at work looked like this? You arrived at work and it became immediately obvious that there was no employee onboarding plan. The first impression is key to how new staff members ...

Monday Mar 26, 2018

HR Documents: Intranet Access with DocuWare

Storing HR documents on a company intranet can be extremely useful for staff, but for those members of the HR team who have to update, edit, remove and replace them, it can be a time consuming and error prone process.

Wednesday Jul 19, 2017

Planning an HR Filing Cabinet: 7 Valuable Tips

DocuWare is the perfect system for keeping track of all your Human Resources (HR) documents. For a smooth introduction into managing digital personnel records, we have compiled 7 professional tips. They help ensure a ...

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