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HR Digital Transformation

Author: Ruban Rajasooriyar

HR digital transformation is the process of moving manual, paper based processes to automated digital ones.  If people and process are the keys to success in business, it’s more important than ever for organisations to focus on HR digital transformation.

To begin with you need to establish clear goals – what is it you’re trying to achieve? Do you want to improve your recruitment processes? Do you need a more secure way to store and access your employee information?  Your HR department may decide it wants to start off by simply storing documents digitally.  It could then move on to using digital forms, and then onto workflow approval, retention and deletion procedures.

Tips for HR Digital Transformation

1. Talk to your employees, find out how they’d like to benefit from HR digital transformation.  It could be that having access to their employee records themselves, rather than having to go through HR, could save everyone time.

2. Think about the most repetitive and time consuming tasks and how you could improve them.  Digitisation means the team can refocus on other areas for improvement.

3. If you’re a small firm and your employee numbers are starting to grow, filing in chronological order could be helpful.  It’ll make it easier to know, and find documents when the retention rules are up.

4. When scanning documents to be filed electronically, check if they’re double sided.  Learning this after they’re scanned and destroyed would be a terrible thing.

5. Large documents such as manuals or the Employee Handbook could be kept on an intranet, saving paper and allowing easier access for staff.

All HR processes require documentation and if this documentation is becoming overwhelming then it’s time to make a change.  A document management system is designed and built to deal with these documents in a way your organisation chooses.

A well-designed system will reduce errors and manual administration tasks in your HR department, freeing up valuable time so that staff can focus on business strategies and goals.

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