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HR Documents: Intranet Access with DocuWare

Author: Ruban Rajasooriyar

Storing HR documents on a company intranet can be extremely useful for staff, but for those members of the HR team who have to update, edit, remove and replace them, it can be a time consuming and error prone process.

HR software integrated with a document management system can create an employee intranet document portal, key for ultra-productive HR processes.

Download templates, access your own personnel file, request a vacation or report a sick day: Integrate DocuWare into your employee portal to launch HR workflows and provide better services to employees.

Dynamic Content and Templates

From tips for new employees to letterhead and PPT templates: companies that use their employee portal to link to documents or lists in DocuWare will save a great deal of time from maintaining and updating documents across various systems.

If a document is stored in DocuWare – for example, an employee organisation flowchart – and then changed or added, the information connected to all links will be automatically updated.

Here‘s how it works: right-clicking on a document in DocuWare result list will open a context menu. Click the Get document link command and paste the link within any text or image field on your web page. The link to the result list can be found under options.

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Access Personnel Files Quickly and Securely

Download your latest pay slip or see how many holiday days you have left: you can add real value to your employee portal with all sorts of options for employees to access their own personnel records. Secure, login-protected embedding of personnel files can be implemented with little effort via URL integration.

Digital Forms for Requests of Every Kind

Turn your employee portal into a one-stop shop for your HR workflows. Regardless of whether it's for holiday requests, business trip planning, sick leave or reimbursement of travel expenses. Digital forms provided in the employee portal, absences and applications can be conveniently and quickly reported and processed. Employees fill in the appropriate form, send it off and a downstream workflow will immediately start in the HR department.

Here‘s how it works: digital forms are quickly set up with DocuWare. For example, you can specify that submitted leave requests are automatically stored in a HR file cabinet. Once a form has been configured, you will receive a link to the form, which you can insert directly into the employee portal. You control the workflow process associated with the archived form with Workflow Manager or DocuWare Task Manager.

With DocuWare Cloud, all three of these modules are available to you free of charge and without limit; with an on-premise system you will need separate licenses to activate the modules.

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