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Tuesday 9 Nov 2021

Process Optimisation: 5 Key Areas To Focus On

“It seems to work ok”….. "It’s how we’ve always done it”… "We don’t have time to make changes” – These are just some of the things our sales team often hear when talking to prospects about process optimisation.

Tuesday 7 Apr 2020

Productive Working while away from the Office

Accessing documents and managing processes when working away from the office is more than a convenience. It’s become a necessity. I don’t know about you, but as I sit here working from home, the constant realisation of how ...

Tuesday 4 Feb 2020

Mobile Working And Document Management

Mobile working is not going anywhere as employees spread their working week across the office, hot desks, home and out on the road. It is the new norm since the Covid-19 pandemic. Ensuring employees have the same access to ...

Wednesday 22 Feb 2017

How Can a Document Management System Benefit Social Housing?

A Document Management System is how you get to know your tenants better and retain more accurate property records. With the Information Commissioner's Office issuing hefty fines to organisations who mishandle data, it is ...

Tuesday 9 Aug 2016

DocuWare PaperScan for WhatsApp

For many of our kids, half their time is spent on WhatsApp and texting – or at least that’s the impression of annoyed parents everywhere. Sound familiar to you too? Or have you made your peace with this situation...and might ...

Wednesday 8 Jun 2016

On the Road: Outside Salespeople Make the Most of DocuWare

Not so long ago, it was challenging for colleagues working in an outside sales role to take advantage of document management. Here’s what things mostly looked like: any information that might be needed for a visit to a ...

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