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Mobile Working and Document Management

Author: Ruban Rajasooriyar

Mobile working is becoming more common and a document management system can ensure your staff continue to have access to important business information in, or out of the office.  A document management system can be as simple as a secure, centralised digital place to store your documents.  Or it can scale up to include various types of automation and workflow, whilst integrating with your finance, ERP or email software.

What is mobile working?

Mobile working refers to any employee without a physical location.  Those on the road a lot, who work outdoors or who are onsite at different locations.  These people can find it hard to stay connected to the office to complete admin tasks, or to approve work.

Connecting your employees

A document management system provides the technology to enable mobile workers to stay connected with colleagues and collaborate on team projects.  Users can be involved in workflows and store documents from any location using the DocuWare App.  As long as staff working remotely are authorised users, they can use the app from any mobile device.

While out in the field, staff can receive alerts of new tasks assigned to them by the office, as well as documents needing their approval.  Collaboration can happen in real time, removing any bottle necks from your processes.

A document management system can keep mobile workers out where needed, rather than in the office doing administration. It can help keep projects on time and on budget.

If your business has payable invoices with approval needed from employees on the road, the app enables them to review and approve.  From their mobile they can keep the accounts process flowing.

If your business depends on mobile working and you’d like to know how a document management system can keep your processes moving, get in touch with us.

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