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Productive Working while away from the Office

Author: Ruban Rajasooriyar

Accessing documents and managing processes when working away from the office is more than a convenience. It’s become a necessity.  I don’t know about you, but as I sit here working from home, the constant realisation of how amazing technology is hits me regularly!  VPNs, video calling, remote sessions and of course, accessible documentation!

DocuWare’s mobile app alongside its web based architecture means there are a number of advantages whilst working away from the office:

  • Complete approvals from home, during travel or out on site
  • Assign and monitor workflow tasks
  • Paper documents don’t need to brought home or taken to a customer, they’re all accessible digitally
  • Reduce the risk of violating GDPR or any other compliance regulations
  • Complete and digitally sign forms
  • Review documents and make decisions
  • Collaborate on projects remotely

Does your business have a mobile strategy?

If you’re business is looking to become paperless, mobile access, remote scanning and a way to automate your current workflows will be a big part of the transition.

Whether you’re a sales rep on the road or a Finance Director working away from the office, carrying paper documents is risky.  Documents may get lost, damaged or fall into the wrong hands.  Employees with no access to the information they need when away from the office, won’t be working as productively as they could be.  An organisation can continue to operate as it should, when work can be approved and tasked assigned on the go.  Staff no longer need to catch up on these tasks once back at their desks.

While working away from the office, mobile capabilities mean bottlenecks are reduced, saving time and improving efficiency.

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