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What We Learnt From DocuWorld 2024

Rachel Tilley Author: Rachel Tilley   |    On: Tuesday May 21, 2024

DocuWorld is DocuWare's annual Partner Conference, with Partner's attending from 34 countries across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.  

DocTech the longest standing DocuWare partner in the UK and Ireland and we have travelled to DocuWorld since 2001.

The atmosphere was full of energy and excitement as industry experts, partners including DocTech, and DocuWare employees from around the world came together to explore the latest developments and trends in document management.

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This year was another great event where we learned of many future developments with DocuWare, and picked up awards including Customer Service Champion and Top-Level Diamond Club Partner.

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Natif.AI Acquisition

The big talking point at this year's conference was the news that  DocuWare have acquired AI company natif.ai. Thanks to its high-performance AI models and a Deep-OCR, documents can be analysed extremely quickly and accurately, and relevant data can be extracted from them.

90% of data is still unstructured according to The IDC.  Leveraging this AI tool, DocuWare will be able to further increase efficiency and productivity for our clients.

Expected Product Enhancements from Natif.ai Acquisition:

  • Ability to capture unstructured data
  • Ability to capture handwriting
  • Ability to capture handwriting within structured documents
  • Enhancements to Extraction of structured data 

Organised data with DMS

Upcoming Functionality Developments from DocuWare

Microsoft Enhancements

  • Power Automate Connection in the works
  • Continued Development of MS Teams Integration


  • Construct formulas utilising column sums and numerical fields
  • Table Calculation for Line Totals and Sum at Footer for Table Totals
  • Calculated results can be indexed and utilised for validation and behaviour


  • Continued Developments to Workflow
  • Workflow Analytics Exposed through the API
  • Workflow Designer Moving to the Web

Improved Document Searches

  • Cross Cabinet searching using a Google style approach
  • Mouse Wheel scrolling enabled

Enhanced Accessibility and User Experience

  • Focus on Enhanced User Experience (UX) – Vision, Hearing, Motor, Cognitive
  • Branded Product Experience within DocuWare 


Learn More About Document Management

Building Relationships

The DocuWorld conference provides a great opportunity to connect with our other partners including Intuitive and ValidatedID.  Intuitive have developed a reporting dashboard for DocuWare, enabling our DocuWare clients to obtain the latest analytical data from across their organisation. 

Our friends at ValidatedID provide legally binding and compliant digital signature software that integrates seamlessly with DocuWare to feed into existing business processes.  Meeting up with both of these partners enabled us to hear and share ideas about how best to improve our offering to customers. 

digital signatures


Continuous Developments

The continuous developments made to DocuWare every year are done so with end users and business goals in mind.  DocTech and DocuWare are always looking for ways to enhance the software further, which is always driven by your business process requirements, and fulfilled using the latest technological developments.

Can you help? DocuWare are actively seeking accessibility pioneers for their product tester program. If you have any users you think could assist, please do let us know and we can put you in touch. 

For more information on any of the features of DocuWare, or to discuss any challenges you're facing with your document processes, get in touch and chat with one of our experts.

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