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Challs logoChalls are experts in developing and manufacturing specialist cleaning products, including drain care, bin care, technology cleaning and traditional chemicals.  From humble beginnings, Challs has grown from a small bedroom to a multinational business but will remains as first and foremost, a British family owned business with family values at its core.

Challs had an average of 800 documents flowing through the business every month, including invoices, expenses and orders. Challs decided to address the inefficiency of paper based procedures, manual workflows and physical archives. They needed new digital workflows, a better way to control their data, a more secure way to manage their documents.

After a devastating fire in 2014, Challs engaged DocTech to improve their data security, eliminating the need for physical storage. The company sought a fresh start at its new international Headquarters in Hadleigh, Suffolk, and wanted an innovative and forward-thinking philosophy.

DocTech's Solution

Our goal was to give employees instant document access and eliminate physical storage, and a road map and planning session took place with both DocTech and Challs.  Our software was implemented throughout the organisation, to process invoices, orders, expenses, warehouse movements, proof of deliveries, payroll and employee records.

Challs scan all their documents which are automatically classified through indexing and saved into the system in their correct folders. The documents are then routed by workflows to specific departments, including digital workflows for purchasing and artwork sign off. DocTech's solution provides employees with immediate access to the documents they are authorised to view/amend.

One member of Challs staff was allocated to take responsibility during roll out, and he was able to manage this alongside his daily activities so there was no disruption to work processes.  Staff were shown how to use the software during the training sessions and all new members of staff are now trained as part of their induction.  DocTech provide continued support to Challs as and when needed.


What Benefits Did We Provide?

Challs have seen a significant improvement in staff morale since implementing our solution, particularly those who regularly access documents.

Staff can easily store and retrieve documents without having to leave their desks.

Communication across all sites has vastly improved as staff are able to access the same information.

Document sharing, collaboration and customer service has improved greatly now that requests for information can be carried out live.

What are The Results?

DocTech's work with Challs has constantly evolved from 2014 to the present day, working alongside staff to implement the right solutions. Challs have always seen ways to innovate and over the years have added further enhancements and user numbers to their initial solution.



in the number of lost documents now that all documents are scanned, indexed, archived, and easily retrievable.


efficient processes

have meant physical storage space is gone, and all associated paper costs are reduced.  Staff have more time to do more meaningful work.

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Document Management

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