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Swagelok Manchester

Swagelok_Company_LogoManchester Fluid System Technologies Ltd, trading as Swagelok Manchester, was established in 1978 as a leading solution provider of fluid system technologies.

Too Many Documents

Growing success also meant a huge growth in documents for all their paper-based administrative and logistical processes.  Workflows were increasingly time and cost intensive. Managing their filing was costing
them 30 minutes per day, per employee.

When the management team at Swagelok Manchester realised that the company had to put in weekend hours to tackle the out of control paper archive every quarter, it was time to take action.  

After seeing and liking the DocuWare system used by their colleagues in Munich, they wanted a local company to work with them on a solution.

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DocTech's Solution

The DocTech team worked with Swagelok to ensure a seamless transition from paper, to digital document management. 

We prepared detailed analysis and documentation of various business processes as well as their existing IT infrastructure.  Subsequently, a four step plan was created for a successive, department-centric implementation, ensuring there would be no disruption to daily processes.

Digital Document Workflows

In 2009, a document management system was first used in their Accounting Department, with digital document workflows set up to mirror their paper based processes. 

Once this department was successfully up and running, Order Processing and Inventory Tracking followed.  For this to happen, DocuWare had to be integrated with SCALA ERP and SIMPLE Inventory Tracking System.  Custom work from DocTech ensured a solution was in place.

Order processing is made up of four main workflow steps: offer generation, order confirmation, receipt of packing/shipping slip, and invoice generation.

Integrating their inventory tracking in a digital workflow has been especially rewarding. With a yes/no stamp on each packing slip they can check the availability of ordered items in the warehouse with ease.


What Benefits Did We Provide?

  • Productivity has significantly increased

  • Paper and all associated costs have been reduced

  • DocuWare has provided high levels of data security

  • Documents are safely available to those working remotely

  • A large amount of time saved when searching and retrieving documents

  • Integrations with three of their existing applications including Crystal Reports, means collections are automated and reminders sent out via email

What are The Results?

As a client of over 10 years, we know the team at Swagelok well and suggestions about software enhancements come both ways. 

Swagelok are a very valued clients and we're proud of our relationship with them.



now receive their invoices via email. 


hours of work time

per week, recaptured by six employees by eliminating the daily paper chase.

How Can We Help?

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