Digital Document Management Since 1984

DocTech provide software solutions to organisations throughout the UK and Ireland. Modernising document and data based processes enables compliant business efficiency without increasing administration staff and data storage/print costs.

What to Expect:

A secure document pool for your organisation

Banish shared network drives and email folders for document storage

Work towards a paperless office: Reduce print, scan and storage costs

Store directly from email – No more printing attachments

Assist with GDPR Compliance

Transparency of document processes and workload

Easy collaboration and version control of shared documents

A simple way to process, track and deal with business expenses, purchase order requisitions, HR on-boarding and holiday requests

A customer or supplier portal to upload invoices etc.

Bespoke user access permissions

Digital workflows for approval processes

Suitable for wide range of industries, departments and processes

Mobile access to documents

Bespoke Integrations into 3rd Party Applications

Since 1984, DocTech have provided digital document management solutions for a wide range of clients in the public and private sectors who wish to digitise paper or manual processes. From basic archives to full workflow systems and capture provision, get in touch to discuss any potential projects.

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Features & Benefits of DocuWare

Return on Investment

Manual processes hinder employee productivity. We’ll calculate with you how much your manual processes are costing and  you can find out how much you could save.


Digital Document Management Clients

From lack of storage space,  none compliant digital storage to inefficient processes: Read our case studies to explore how DocuWare can transform your workplace.


Digital Document Management : Increase Efficiency & Drive Growth

Digital Document Management software underpins many successful businesses and this will only continue to become the norm. Improving access to documents increases productivity and reduces the risk and cost of manual processes. From simple file management to full workflow solutions, the range of software from DocTech offers solutions for organisations that face an ongoing battle with storing and retrieving documents.

The software alleviates information chaos, visibility of processes/projects when multiple users are accessing the same data. It’s all about being efficient, compliant and cost effective.

Join our hundreds of forward thinking clients that are using our solutions to gain edge on their competitors and make life easier.

Speak with one of our experts today to explore how document management solutions could transform your business processes and productivity.

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“We turned to DocuWare when valuable warehouse space could no longer be used for the storage of invoices. We have never looked back. DocuWare has not just saved us time, space and cost, it has replace despair with confidence when looking for a document, and without moving from your desk. Doctech provide a friendly, responsive and reliable service.”
Michael Dolyniuk, Housing Units
“Everything is now filed and is easily retrievable in one document repository. Our Customer Services team achieved a time saving of approximately 15 hours of filing per week – i.e. ½ hour per person x 5 days. The system has provided greater security, retrieval is simpler and faster, with all the information accessible from any location. We are continuing to work closely with DocTec on future enhancements with other teams within our business.”
Sue Brennan, Swagelok Manchester
“York College, rated Outstanding by Ofsted in 2013, has been using DocuWare for over 8 years. During this time the use of DocuWare for document management and archiving has proven to be a huge success and benefit for the College. Integration with College MI systems has facilitated automation of processes as well as providing the College the means to drastically reduce the storage of paper documents and increasing efficiencies. The advice, support and guidance received from Doctech has been excellent, and has helped with the successful installation and use of DocuWare at York College.”
Azhar Iqbal, York College
“The big task was to bring the documents which were already scanned and stored in a separate file system into DocuWare – by automatically assigning them to the different customers. With DocuWare, we were able to replace paperbased, error-prone work through automated, digital processes. Employees and customers benefit at the same time through higher efficiency and improved service levels. Thanks to the availability of numerous tools, it’s easy to implement even more complex business processes. The positive feedback from our customers demonstrates that they appreciate the expanded service offerings. They especially like the availability and ease of working with us. In addition, numerous customers wanted to be able to access important documents at any time and from any location via the Internet.”
Geoff Swaby, CVL
“The aim was to implement a DMS that would require a minimum of training for both employees and service providers within our supply chain. This was important to lowering training costs and increase acceptance. We only needed six weeks from the date we chose DocuWare until the roll-out of our custom solution which included departments around the UK. Our business processes have become faster and more transparent and our efficiencies have increased significantly as a result. And with increased transparency of individual processing steps, customer satisfaction has grown; we have now virtually eliminated processing errors. Significant changes in how a company handles core business processes will always pose some risk. But on the other hand, this type of restructuring offers tremendous potential. DocuWare has turned into a valuable tool for everyday, practical work and has significantly increased our productivity.”
James Sterling, H&J Martin
“This has been an IT success story for Mosscare. On the one hand staff has embraced this one piece of technology better than any other. On the other hand we are now able to offer a much better service than ever before.”
Marilyn Evans, Mosscare Housing
“Several real time advantages have proven themselves over and over again since we implemented this solution. Everything comes in and goes straight into the system for anyone to see it within seconds. With a few more seconds, we can attach it to an e-mail to send to someone else – it’s great. DocuWare has become the centre of all activity – we use the documents to centralise our activities. And while the initial Cost of Entry for the solution was rather high – not DocuWare, but the other solutions – it was well worth it.”
Steve Elliott, Service Line
“Because JetClub is an international business, operating in all time zones, DocuWare has given us a dramatic improvement in document transmission security – from the centre to our crew members down route. Also, it dramatically reduced our fax costs in the process, but security of information was the most important and real benefit for us. Accessing documents used to be a nightmare and gathering misplaced paper records can result in costly flight delays. Our file-cabinets were overflowing with files: just imagine each purchase order having multiple copies and the large number of purchase orders needed simply to maintain an aircraft. Since using DocuWare we have had dramatic improvement in document transmission security. At the same time, we were able expand the fleet from three aircraft to 13 – and are still growing. We continually find new ways of using DocuWare beyond what we had envisaged. For the most part, we have added on improvements without any significant cost once we had the system running. We know that we are still only using a small part of what the whole system is capable of. Looking forward, we have some significant further extensions of the system to make, which will give us among other things improved security and monitoring of information in the business.”
Murray Law, Jet Club
“The College of Emergency Medicine have been using DocuWare for some years now and for the Membership team this has proved invaluable especially as we now link our new CRM into DocuWare so that we can see with one click all documentation for that member. Over the years we have introduced the finance and examination teams to DocuWare and although initially it proved challenging to convince them that this was the best way forward, they are now using the system with more confidence. The Training department are now realising the benefits of DocuWare and will be starting to use it soon. We are aiming to have all the on-line applications for membership, training and examinations on DocuWare so that we have a full picture of our members, trainees and examination candidates.”
Pam Bollen, The College of Emergency Medicine

Digital Document Management: Things To Consider


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