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Document Scanning - Get A Free* Kodak Alaris Scanner

Rachel Tilley Author: Rachel Tilley   |    On: Tuesday Jan 30, 2024

Large scale document scanning is fast, accurate and reliable with Kodak Alaris advanced scanning solutions.  As an Elite Partner, DocTech can offer exclusive offers and savings on the Kodak S3000 Series and Kodak E1040 Scanners and associated packages.

As a document management provider, where possible, we want documents to be in a digital format but we know this isn’t always possible. The next best thing is a high-quality scanned Image.

Our clients come to us with a wide variety of scanning needs. Many organisations need scanners as suppliers or customers send them information they don’t want to hold in paper format.

Sometimes, they want to scan documents such as delivery notes and link them to an incoming digital invoice to have a full transaction history. Other times, paper forms are hard to avoid and so again, good quality scanned images can help to improve the next process involving the form.

Whatever the scanning requirement, the quality of the image and reliability of the scanner is paramount. 

Document scanning enables organisations to reach digital transformation goals by removing paper from business processes while gaining high-quality, accurate data capture.

Combine this with the secure storage of information in a dedicated document management system and documents and images will never be lost or damaged again.

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Document Scanning Made Easy

Kodak Alaris have the perfect scanners for your business, whether you're looking for a smaller, more compact desktop scanner, or a larger departmental scanner to scan large batches of documents.  High volume and high speed scanning enables your team to maximise productivity and efficiency.  

Document scanning and archiving is the best way to digitally store and protect important information while saving time and money.  Access to information is enhanced as employees no longer have to sift through paper records, but can perform a quick look up from their computer. 

The quality of data images are improved as information is accurately captured, while digitally stored documents do not deteriorate over time.  Risk is reduced because documents cannot be lost or damaged, nor can they be accessed by unauthorised users when combined with the rules put in place with a document management system

Discounts on the Kodak S3000 Series

Kodak Alaris S300 savings_DocTechThe Kodak S3000 Series Scanners are ideal for any documents which contain images or information you want to preserve.  This information need not be trapped on paper.  

With on-board image processing, the ability to scan directly to apps and simplified scanning means your staff will benefit from the features of this scanner. 

Scanning performed by a scanner in the S3000 series enables quick and accurate distribution of data across your organisation, ensuring data and images are captured accurately at the start of any process.  Document scanning with a scanner from the S3000 series offers the following benefits:

  • Maximised data readability
  • OCR accuracy
  • Automation rate
  • Profitability
  • Less file transportation
  • Impressive scan speeds

Document scanning using a S300 ensures the following are minimised:

  • File size
  • Storage costs
  • Data loss
  • Automation failure
  • Total cost of processing

Currently, and exclusively available to DocTech as Elite Kodak Alaris Partners, every scanner in this range, along with all related services packages are reduced by more than 50%.  Additionally, there is no requirement to buy a service package to get this discount.  

This offer runs until the 31st March 2024 so speak to us sooner rather than later about your requirements. 

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Get a *Free Kodak E1040 Scanner

E1040 Scanner PromotionsAs a high speed, high volume desktop scanner, the E1040 is a quiet and portable scanner that can scan up to 40 pages per minute, equating to 5,000 pages per day.

The E1040 Scanner provides reliable results to streamline information capture and process workflows so that your organisation can achieve more in less time.

*With this offer, if you purchase a 5 year Advanced Unit Replacement (AUR) package you get the scanner for free, which is 40% saving compared with the RRP.  This offer also runs until 31st March 2024 so get in touch with us now for the cheapest price.

These scanning and software solutions can seamlessly integrate with your core applications, such as EPR software, finance packages or document management system, making it easy to manage and access your scanned documents.


Why Choose a Kodak Alaris Scanner from DocTech?

KodakAlaris_ElitePartnerAs a 20 year partner of Kodak Alaris, we have the in-house experience and expertise to provide the right scanning solution to meet the demands of your business.  With a Kodak S3000 or E1404 scanner you are guaranteed:

  • High-quality scanning
  • A way to easily digitise your paper documents
  • The ability to automate manual processes
  • Reliable and accurately captured data
  • Speed and efficiency
  • Expert technical support and service. 

For any document scanning requirements your business has, speak to us about the fantastic savings you can make alongside improving processes, better data security and enhanced document workflows.

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