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Going Digital in HR

Author: Ruban Rajasooriyar   |    On: Tuesday May 07, 2019

Going digital in HR can bring huge benefits to the HR department as well as improve staff morale and ease workload.  If your business is looking for ways to improve processes in HR, then read how this car sales company sped up employee on-boarding, decreased paper usage and cut down on expenses through implementing a document management system.

The premier car sales company has over 1,200 vehicles in its inventory, and employs over 900 staff.  Excellent customer service and a strong emphasis on the people they hire play a huge role in enabling them to provide customers with the right car, at the right price.

Prior to using document management, all new hires went through a four hour on-boarding process that required them to travel to head office to complete paperwork.  The process was inconvenient and costly, as the company reimbursed staff for their expenses.

Speeding up Processes

Going digital in HR meant sending new starters all their information electronically.  Asking them to fill in new starter forms digitally, in real time.  People were even able to fill in this information before they started, enabling them to begin training on their first day, rather than fill out forms.  Once complete, it is instantly delivered to HR for processing, where a contract can then be issued.

Their document management system of choice, DocuWare, also processes exit interviews.  ‘In the past, five different documents would be completed when a member of staff left, and now it’s all done digitally', said the Head of HR.

Going digital in HR has also meant all staff bonus’ could be processes via DocuWare.  Staff can be awarded bonus’ for various reasons, across multiple locations.  For each bonus given, a manager submitted a paper form by hand to payroll, with the specific amount being given.  They process around 100 bonus forms a week, time consuming for HR, the managers and payroll.  HR now seamlessly processes the digital form, deducts the tax and electronically rewards the amount specified by the manager to that employee.  DocuWare provides the digital form, a list of all bonus’ given and the ability to track all the information.

In Summary

Last year alone, the company had 300 new employees, all of who filled in around 19 forms each.  These forms, combined with bonus requests meant HR were processing around 10,000 documents each year – a lot of paperwork for one department to deal with. Going digital in HR means these are now all stored and processed in DocuWare.  All secure and fully GDPR compliant.

‘It all now works so much easier and we don’t have any missing information’, the Head of HR summerised. ‘We also save a lot of paper, ink and time!’

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