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Integrated Business Applications

Author: Ruban Rajasooriyar

Your business may have the latest and best software applications, but if they aren’t integrated, it could be holding back productivity and growth.

Are employees closing the ERP system to look in the accounts package.  Do they then open the CRM to find the information they need?  If so this is time consuming, prone to errors and costs money in wasted time.  Having a fully integrated IT landscape can be easily achieved.

Document management integration

More often than not, it is information on documents that employees access across different applications, or potentially leave their desks to look at hard copies in a filing cabinet.  Using a document management system that is integrated with your other business applications means staff never need to leave their familiar system; they are all connected together

With DocuWare, a Smart Connect button can be added to your ERP, Accounting Package, Housing Management System, Case Management System etc.  Smart Connect knows the application you are using, and when clicked, looks for the associated document(s) in DocuWare.  It can pull up invoices, contracts, emails, orders and any other document related to a project, transaction or employee.  Staff can stay in the application they're using, streamlining their work.

Business application integration

DocuWare has been integrated with over 500 different applications across multiple industries and is available On-Premise and in the Cloud.  At DocTech, we have integrated with a variety of bespoke applications and will always investigate how DocuWare and integrate with the systems you already have in place.

If your business is looking into document management and would like a system integrated with other business applications, get in touch with us.

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