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Email Education: Storing Email Documents

Author: Ruban Rajasooriyar

DocTech have helped businesses for over 30 years to work smarter and more efficiently making use of process improving technologies. We know that the document management industry is still relatively immature. To some organisations, the idea of digital tasks and workflows is completely alien.

However, we know that despite this, organisations generally want to work smarter and reduce non-profit making tasks. Something we come across regularly is businesses asking suppliers to send their invoices digitally - this is great! However, what is less great is that we rarely see businesses storing email documents into a digital area. 90% will print them off. So the only benefit is that they are received quickly with no postage costs. From an efficiency perspective, the cost of time, print and paper doesn't make sense.

Storing Email Documents : The Options

There are other options, DocTech can show you how email attachments can be stored directly into a shared document pool. There is never a need to print emails attachments off. Even where there is a need to give the document an attribution to another system - this can all be taken care of digitally. If you receive a high volumes of emails with attachment, we can go further and automate this process.

Storing Emailed Documents  - What Happens Next

There is a world of functionality that can happen to an email attachment after it has been stored into a document management system. It could initiate a task workflow or an approval process. This is often a second step and can be kept very simple to suit your business needs.

DocTech can show you how we seamlessly plug document management into your email accounts, to give you this functionality via a 5 minute webinar.

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