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What is a Document Management Workflow?

Author: Ruban Rajasooriyar

It’s a term that we use at DocTech every day, but for those unfamiliar with our systems, what is a document management workflow and how can it help?

Existing business workflows

If we first of all think of what workflows exist in a business.  A furniture manufacturer receives a bespoke order from a new customer.  The customer’s details are either filed away on paper in a folder, added to a CRM system, or both.

The order form is taken to the workshop for the specifications to be started.  Whilst working on it the customer rings in with a change to their order, which is logged by customer services.  In order to amend the form, the customer service rep needs to physically go to the workshop, get the form and update it.  Whilst making sure all those other departments involved are also aware.  That single piece of paper contains all the information needed by the workshop, then in turn stock control, finance etc.

How document management can help

A document management workflow is exactly this, but all done digitally.  It’s an electronic system put in place to track, edit, store and manage all the documents associated with any business process.   In the example above, the order is now received and added straight in the system.  The workflow can then begin, where manufacturing is notified of the order by a task being generated.  A task can then be generated for finance, that an invoice is needed, followed by stock control.  When the customer rings in to update the order, the Customer Services Rep doesn’t need to leave their chair.  Updating the order in the system, which in turn, notifies all those involved.

Paperwork that doesn't get to the right person, or gets misplaced or overlooked, slows down the business.  Slow operations can affect growth, which can have an impact on your bottom line. That's where document management software comes in.

Streamline Processes

A document management workflow streamlines processes.  The documents still exist, but they become digital and can be processed more efficiently. Documents can still be edited, filed and approved, just as they would in paper form.

With a workflow, users can easily see what work they have to do, and managers can monitor each step within the workflow.  If someone is on holiday, that piece of paper isn’t sat on their desk waiting for them to get back.  A manager can see in the system a task is waiting, and choose to action it themselves, or give to someone else.

A document management workflow benefits businesses in various ways by improving productivity, morale and accountability while decreasing resources.  This in turn saves money and risk.

There are so many options available with a document management workflow, which can be tailored to suit any business requirement.  DocTech understand no two businesses are the same, and we work with you to understand your needs, and replicate them digitally.

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