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Storing Documents for Accountants

Author: Ruban Rajasooriyar

For years accountants have been storing documents on paper or across shared folder systems within Windows.  File sharing and storage systems like Windows, DropBox, and Google Docs, all have their limitations compared to a dedicate document management system.  They can hold content in an accessible area, but cannot offer the same efficiency improvements as a document management system can.

According to recent research, 20% of Accountancy firms are operating without a true document management system.  Instead, they're using document storage tools.  When storing accountancy documents in a network file system, can all employees name files and store documents where they choose?  If so, it’s likely documents are being misfiled and therefore hard to find.

Taking too long to find documents

If it takes more than seven seconds to find a document, it’s likely that a document management system can improve performance.  Businesses using document management systems that easily integrate with emails and other applications, report that employees are more organised and productive.

Efficiently managing files and storing documents

Have you ever spent too long looking for a document? Searching through filing cabinets, draws, Windows folders or colleague’s desks? All a big waste of time!  Storing documents digitally makes them easy to store, find and share.  Powerful search tools, coupled with strict file naming conventions means documents can be found instantly by anyone with access.

Workflow rules means tasks, deadlines and responsibilities can be assigned and tracked, keeping firm members in the know.

A document management system can retrieve information from your Tax or Accountancy software and file them in an organised manner.  Staff no longer need to jump between applications to transfer files.  This saves time, reduces manual processes and errors, as well as keeping your practice organised.

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