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Import Documents from Anywhere

Author: Ruban Rajasooriyar

DocuWare gives the ability to import documents from a variety of sources.  As a business grows, so does the volume of manuals, invoices, policies, drawings and personnel files etc.  These may be spread across multiple locations such as Sharepoint, servers, inboxes, SAP etc.

If your business decides it’s now time to store all these documents centrally in one location, DocuWare offers various import options.

Import documents from anywhere

Documents are stored quickly and securely in an electronic filing cabinet.  Users manage the whole process, deciding what documents to store where and who has access to them.

DocuWare can monitor an email inbox or a network folder for documents sent or scanned to it.  If these documents meet specified criteria, they can be filed away with no further action needed.  With emails, the user is given the option to store just the email, just the attachment or both.

DocuWare also has the ability to store from software like SAP or Sharepoint. It integrates at a database level, and stores documents in a secure way.

DocuWare integrates with MS office and offers a simple ‘print to DocuWare’ feature, for documents that don't need to be automatically imported.  Users can select which documents to store in which digital cabinet, along with a drag and drop option.

While traveling, employees can use PaperScan to take photos of documents such as delivery notes or receipts.  These can be forwarded straight to the Finance Department’s filing cabinet, meaning they are dealt with sooner.

Your business may need some or all of these options to import documents into a dedicated management system.  DocTech would be more than happy to discuss whatever support you may require on storing and managing your documents more effectively.

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