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Posts about Data Capture

Tuesday 30 Apr 2024

Free Document Management Software Vs Paid Solutions

As dedicated document management experts, we find 'free document management software' a little hard to get our heads around. How can a good document management system be free, as we are firm believers that you get what you ...

Tuesday 9 Apr 2024

Everything You Need to Know About Invoice Scanning

As organisations are now predominately conducting business online, manual and paper finance processes will struggle to keep up. Traditional ways of working no longer fit into fast paced, modern workplaces and organisations ...

Tuesday 30 Jan 2024

Document Scanning - Get A Free* Kodak Alaris Scanner

Large scale document scanning is fast, accurate and reliable with Kodak Alaris advanced scanning solutions. As an Elite Partner, DocTech can offer exclusive offers and savings on the Kodak S3000 Series and Kodak E1040 ...

Tuesday 23 Jan 2024

Electronic Forms Improve Processes for Private Schools

Electronic forms, also known as digital forms, are an extremely efficient way of capturing data accurately, saving time for the individual when completing them and for the organisation processing the information they contain.

Tuesday 3 Oct 2023

10 Reasons Businesses Are Implementing Machine Learning In Finance

Machine learning in finance improves processes by automating tasks and reducing errors through the use of data algorithms that improve in accuracy as time goes on.

Tuesday 12 Sep 2023

The 5 Benefits Of Accurate Data Services

Accurate data services are essential for organisations to thrive in today's data-driven world. By ensuring the accuracy of data, businesses can protect themselves from unnecessary expenses and problems.

Tuesday 25 Jul 2023

Client Spotlight - Astley Hire - Digital Forms

Astley Hire, a local independent hire specialist had a problem with data capture and came to us for help.

Tuesday 11 Jul 2023

Alternatives To Dropbox - Moving On With DocuWare

For many years, Dropbox has been the go to cloud file storage solution for organisations looking to store, share and collaborate on projects. But despite its popularity, many businesses are now looking for alternatives to ...

Monday 12 Jun 2023

Is It Time To Consider Data Capture Software?

If you've found this blog it's likely you're struggling with paper chaos, manual processes or unreliable data and you want to learn more about data capture software. If so, you've come to the right place.

Tuesday 6 Jun 2023

Capture Data to Transform Your Accounts Payable Processes

With the right software to accurately capture data from incoming documents, accounts payable processes can be transformed from slow and error prone, into highly efficient business functions.

Friday 26 May 2023

Filing Emails Has Never Been Easier With Digital Document Management

In the modern workplace, the majority of documents generated across core business processes arrive and are distributed by email. As such, efficiently filing emails has never been more important in terms of saving time and ...

Tuesday 4 Apr 2023

The 10 Benefits Of Digital Document Storage

While some people find comfort in having documents stored in physical form, or stick with paper because "that's how it's always been done", the world has rapidly 'going digital'. Digital solutions are making every day tasks ...

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