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Manage Processes In Your Department

At DocTech, we help departments replace paper-based, error-prone work by taking back control and digitising their business processes.  Our solutions can be tailored to meet your requirements and seamlessly integrate with your current software applications.  

With four decades of experience across a range of industries, we listen to your process headaches and work together on the best solution.  Whether you need a basic digital archive, or a full workflow with approval and retention rules included, we can help.


Our document and process management solutions can benefit all departments in your organisation. We help streamline specific departments that are paper heavy, require better compliance, contain multiple approval processes and/or involve repetitive manual administration.


Get transparency and efficiency in your department by digitsing the Accounts Payable process. Reduce manual data entry and remove duplicate invoices.

How DocTech Can Help

Human Resources

Provide a secure and centralised repository for all confidential HR documents and restrict user access.  Simplify SAR requests and comply with GDPR.

How DocTech Can Help

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Streamlined accounts processes will reduce risk, and improve visibility. Validate invoices based on your defined business processes and rules, and review invoices, any coding, and approval processes. Integrate with your existing finance package.


Save Space, Time and Money With DocTech

Our services, integrations and products help your business save time, space and money by helping you efficiently manage all your documents digitally.

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