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Inefficient Accounting?

It’s no secret that finance departments - and specifically accounts - deal with huge amounts of documents. And without the right document management software for accounting, these can be a huge headache. Isn’t it time you swapped your dated management systems for a state-of-the-art digital solution?

Introducing DocuWare

You’re just one step away from lower costs, less stress, and higher profits. DocuWare document management software for accounting reinvigorates internal process by creating digital copies of all documents and storing them in a centralised database, accessible anywhere, any time, by anyone who needs them.

The Benefits

Take the headache out of your accounting processes, and watch productivity and profitability rise across your organisation. Here’s what to expect:

  • A centralised digital archive means all documents are accessible anywhere with an internet connection
  • Digital approval - Invoices can be approved remotely by any user with the relevant permissions. No more bottlenecks
  • Digital documents take up less space, need less organisation, and mean less stress
  • A full paper trail is provided and each step in the process is safe, secure, and traceable: No more guesswork at audit time
  • Every part of your accounts process can be made more efficient by DocTech solutions.

Document Management in Accounting

If your department is looking to move from manual, paper based processes to automated digital ones, DocTech solutions are the perfect fit.

Accounts Payable Processing

Store documents in one central location and link Purchase Orders, Delivery Notes and Invoices together.  Integrate with your exiting Finance software or ERP package to streamline the AP process.

Streamline Accounts


We create digital workflows to meet an organisation’s bespoke requirements. We can provide an electronic system to track, edit, store and manage all documents associated with any existing or new process. Approve or reject invoices, view tasks, authorise holidays and much more.

Digital Processes

Streamlined accounts processes will reduce risk, improve visibility, and lay firmer foundations for your business to operate upon. Our software solution will deliver benefits across the board, from accounts receivable and accounts payable through to cost analysis, budget planning, and invoice approval.

With instant access to invoices, payment reminders, and cash receipts, any questions are cleared up as and when they arise. That’s a key source of stress for accounts receivable removed at a stroke.

By reducing process times and removing pain points, the invoice verification process becomes quicker and easier. That's a more efficient accounts payable process, and fewer missed early payment discounts.

By granting management-level users full visibility of accounts processes, they're equipped with the cost analysis information they need to better predict budget variances and overruns. As they say: Knowledge is power.

System control prevents confusion arising from duplicate documents, meaning less inefficient back-and-forth during budget planning. Instead, project plans and timelines are drawn from a centralised and fully up to date document pool.

And finally, with digital approval processes, invoices can be approved any time, anywhere, with full accountability. No more hunting for the right person, and no more roadblocks when approvers are off sick or on annual leave.

Whether your business needs a simple archive or a full workflow solution, DocTech can help. We have years of expertise and have matched hundreds of customers with document management solutions to renovate and reinvigorate their business processes. DocuWare is a great solution for any finance department who needs to gain control of their documents.

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