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Document Management Software for Transport & Logistics

Do you want to ensure complete visibility of operations and offer a professional service to your clients whilst maintaining tight profit margins and timescales?

By implementing a document management system, Warehouse, Transport and Logistics can seamlessly integrate their existing software applications with DocTech’s solutions to streamline business processes and automate workflows.  Read more on how we did just that for  leading global truck manufacturer, DAF Trucks.  From order placed, the delivery note stored and paid invoice – you will know the status of any delivery and the related documents at any time.

Our solutions provide the Transport & Logistics industry with higher efficiency and improved service levels. We help with supply chain management, reduce costs and significantly improve the customer experience as well as supplier relations. 

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Why Transport & Logistics use our software

  • Increased productivity levels as documents are instantly available at a  from any mobile device
  • No more risk of loss, damage, or even theft. Documents are preserved and backed up
  • Documents are easy to create, fully visible, and trackable throughout their entire lifespan
  • Improved employee collaboration with version control, enabling access to the latest documents
  • Invoices to be turned around in seconds, creating improved cash flow
  • Reduced manual tasks meaning more efficiency and less opportunity for loss or confusion
  • All documents are digitally captured and stored in a centralised document pool to provide access from anywhere

Consider DocTech for your business process improvements

Wondering what success will look like with DocTech? Let us paint you a picture.

Warehouse, Transport and Logistics is a complicated business. Transparent processes are crucial because delivery notes are like gold. At DocTech we understand the value of quality service and how important it is for companies in the transport and logistics sector, along with those working in road, sea and air freight to respond to customer queries pre and post transportation. 

We know that the industry is fast-paced and extremely heavy on paper documents – with constant changes and new competition, companies are under pressure from emerging markets, shifting toll and tariff costs and variable fuel prices. We also know that staff need a system that is user friendly and uncomplicated.

A web based solutions from DocTech offers all users the advantage and the ability to access information from anywhere, at any time, and from any device that connects to the web (PCs, Tablets, Smartphones, etc.). There is never any hardware to maintain, software to install or upgrade fees to pay. And you can be up and running in hours or days, not months.

DocTech’s solutions enable invoices to be turned around in seconds, creating an improved cashflow. An invoice can be generated as soon as a delivery receipt comes in whilst the driver is still on the road. Intelligent features such as barcode labels are automatically pinned to the record, creating a workflow which stores the invoice and notifies an employee to review it and check for any discrepancies.

With our solutions, companies can answer customer queries in seconds. Customers are able check all documents relating to their shipment via the internet using a unique username and password. Restricted access ensures the customer can view only his or her records.

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Perfect Solutions For Your Business!

We are industry experts with over 75 years of combined experience on our team. We have delivered success for hundreds of businesses just like yours.

Managing Delivery Notes

Store and Manage delivery notes in one central, electronic location. Easily link delivery notes, purchase orders and invoices.

Link Documents

Desktop Scanning

Our document scanning software gives you full control of the flow of information coming into your business. No more lost documents or bottlenecks - just increased efficiency, productivity, and profitability.



We create digital workflows to meet an organisation’s bespoke requirements. We can provide an electronic system to track, edit, store and manage all documents associated with any existing or new process.

Digital Processes

Digital Signatures

Digital signatures are considered equal to physical signatures and the technology used to obtain them improves the speed of auditing, provides smoother turnaround on contract completions, as well as reducing the associated costs.

Sign Electronically

Accounts Payable

Automating manual data entry, accurate data capture of incoming invoices, real time information, full visibility of the process from start to finish, three way matching of invoices, purchase orders and delivery notes and digital stamps.

Streamline Accounts

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