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Zenith is the UK's leading independent leasing, fleet management and vehicle outsourcing business.  Established in 1989 as a specialist provider of bespoke fleet solutions, their customer base includes many household brands and some of the biggest organisations in the UK. 

Zenith deliver innovative and intelligent vehicle solutions, whether that’s funding company cars, commercial vehicles, providing flexible benefit schemes or delivering fully outsourced fleet management services.

Increasing Invoices

After a period of growth, Zenith’s Commercial division saw a spike in incoming invoices. Within three years the number of invoices flowing into the business had grown by over 230%.

In addition, to accommodate a growing fleet of vehicles the number of inspection documents legally required by the British Vehicle and Operator Services Agency had increased by a similar amount.

Furthermore, customers wanted to be able to access important documents at any time, from any location.

Held Back By Paper

It became more and more clear that simply adding staff or expanding their paper archive would not accommodate all this growth.  Head of IT - Commercial Division at Zenith told us:

"In addition, numerous customers wanted to be able to access important documents at any time and from any location via the internet",

Zenith decided that an innovative, robust Document Management System (DMS) was required and analysed a number of different solutions to find the perfect fit.

Their main criteria were:

  • Quick searches and fast processing of documents
  • Ability to handle a variety of document types and formats
  • Easily accessible digital documents
  • Secure and compliant
  • Seamless integration into Zenith’s existing IT infrastructure.

DocTech's Solution

DocTech provided a custom solution and demonstrated that we could fulfil all of their criteria by ensuring thorough testing.

Head of IT - Commercial Division at Zenith said,

“The results confirmed our first impressions. DocuWare was able to handle paper documents as well as digital documents in a fast and transparent way. The flexibility and functionality of the system allowed us to transfer business processes without disrupting our daily workflow.”

Digitally Processed Invoices

Implementation of DocuWare started in purchasing with the digital processing of incoming invoices.

Documents were automatically classified in the accounting system with relevant index information and routed to the correct contacts for approval and payment.

Every step of the workflow was monitored to avoid delays and ensure the benefits of early payment discounts.

Phase 1 of the implementation was so successful that Zenith extended the solution in the following year. The goal was to incorporate 80,000+ multi-page technical and maintenance documents.

This presented a special challenge as the documents were already scanned and stored, but needed to be brought into the document management system.

The next step was to set up a portal allowing Zenith’s customers (with access rights) to review all the relevant technical documents of their vehicles online.

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Process Optimisation

What Benefits Did We Provide?

  • Automated document processes with integration into their Finance, Vehicle Management and CRM systems

  • Greatly improved customer service.

  • A future proofed platform for further expansion into other departments

  • Faster and more efficient invoice processing

  • Increased transparency of where processes are up to

  • Reduction in paper working towards a paperless office

  • Employee satisfaction as all documents are now easy to retrieve and review

What are The Results?

Working with Zenith since 2013 has meant we have developed a true understanding of their business processes and where our solutions can add real value.

DocTech's offering has increased over time, starting with digitising paper documents through to bespoke workflows to handle invoice approvals and car fine management.


invoices stored

into the document management system every year.  



with DocuWare to send automatic notifications.

How Can We Help?

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DocTech solutions integrate with a wide range of third party packages across Property Management, Finance, CRM, ERP, HR and Student Management

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Email Management

Dedicated email addresses can be monitored by our software with emails automatically stored and actioned without the reliance on staff intervention.

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