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Mailroom Automation

Mailroom Automation, also know as the Digital Mailroom is a way of automating mailroom procedures and information processing.  The digital mailroom becomes the single point of entry for all incoming documents.

The documents are scanned, information captured, and digitally stored in our document management software.  It is indexed and classified and a notification sent to the right person or department.

Back Scanning

DocTech can help you with all your back scanning requirements.  If you've decided to make the move from paper to digital, and require the last year of paper documents to be available digitally, we can provide the service. 

Your documents will be securely scanned and indexed straight into your document management system.  The hard copies can be returned to you, or we can have them securely destroyed.

The Benefits

  • High quality scans of all your paper documents
  • Increased efficiency and lower operational costs
  • Have documents distributed correctly, first time
  • Gain control over the flow of information coming into your organisation
  • Immediate access to invoices and contracts etc.
  • Simple integration with other business applications
  • Accommodate all document types
  • Reduce manual sorting of post

Enjoy full control of the information entering your business, and create a centralised digital repository that’s accessible any time, anywhere, all while being fully backed up in the cloud. 

You can go from paper to searchable PDF within seconds or even a mouse click.  It’s quick, easy, and effective, and removes multiple pain points from your current mailroom processes.

We’ve helped organisation to renovate and reinvigorate their processes and have unlocked huge increases in productivity, profitability, and efficiency as a result.

In short, a digital mailroom replaces paper-based, error-prone workflows with automated, digital processes. You’ll be amazed at the benefits such processes will deliver.

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We can help with all your scanning requirements, using the highest quality scanning equipment.  Get in touch to discuss your requirements.

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