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Optical Character Recognition Software

Author: Ruban Rajasooriyar

It's easy to carry on as you are right?  Copying, pasting and typing all your financial information from every invoice, every day into your accounting software.  Wrong!  This is time wasted, money lost and error prone.

What if we told you there was a better way...no more manual data entry, no more paper filing and more time for meaningful work.  At DocTech our solutions will help your organisation move away from these problems and towards digitally automated processes.

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Definition

Optical Character Recognition is a form of text recognition where technology is used to identify handwritten or machine printed characters inside scanned documents or photographs.  Optical Character Recognition software converts this text into machine readable data that can be easily used in data processing. 

Using OCR software means highly accurate data is captured at the beginning of any business process, ensuring information is correct from the start.  Incorrect data entering business systems can be hard to spot until it's too late.


Document Management Software

DocTech's document management software digitally and securely stores documents of any type including forms, emails, quotes or drawings in one central location.  Documents are either scanned in or saved directly from an inbox, giving authorised users across the organisation access to the same information. 

The OCR technology built in to our document management software scans receipts, invoices or contracts and extracts the key information.  This information is turned into structured data with metadata automatically applied.  Documents are classified and saved in the way you choose during set up, such as by type, date, client etc. so they can be easily found.

Once in the software, document information can be used as the business requires.  Whether that's securely stored until needed, or pushed into a ERP or Finance package to kickstart an automated workflow.

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Machine Learning & Reading Documents

Machine Learning is a form of artificial intelligence (AI) that will automatically improve output the more it is used.  You may not be aware, but your email filters do this every day, sorting out spam and learning each time you send something to your junk folder.

Our document management software learns as it goes.  As more documents are scanned and saved, it starts to remember where on the page the key information is. 

It's likely your business receives documents from the same suppliers who use the same templates for their invoices.  Our software learns the company name is top middle and the invoice number is top right and automatically saves the document under these categories.  Any corrections needed, the software learns and so with each scanned document, the speed and reliability increases.

The Benefits of Optical Character Recognition Software

The benefits of Optical Character Recognition for organisations are simple - save time and resources. Data can be processed faster and more accurately, eliminating the need for manual data entry and the mistakes that go with it.

Research shows that there are about 2-5 errors for every 40 characters typed during manual entry. Source_ IDC-1

  If one member of staff spends a day a week inputting data, that's an     extra day your business gains back for more meaningful work.  Not to   mention a more interesting and productive day for the employee.

 Paper and all the problems with it such as loss, duplication and   associated costs are removed.

 Additionally, document management software and be integrated with   any other third party application.  Scanned documents are saved and   information automatically populated into Sage, SAP, Dynamics Nav and more

These highly scalable and intuitive solutions can ensure a ROI for your organisation; save time and money, increase productivity and streamline processes. 

Can your business afford to carry on as it is? Speak with one of our experts and let us understand your processes and how we can help.

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