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DocTech 2023 Project Highlights - Creating Operational Efficiency

Laura Bulmer Author: Laura Bulmer   |    On: Thursday Jan 04, 2024

Happy New Year! We hope 2023 ended with a bang and you're ready to get stuck into 2024!

We have no doubt that you are looking ahead to a successful year in business and we believe more than ever that operational efficiency is a key requirement for all types of organisations looking to guarantee the highest level of success.

For our clients, a dedicated document management system that provides transparent document control processes, secure storage and controlled access is vital to that operational efficiency. 

You may be reading this blog as an existing DocTech client and it may give you more ideas on how else you can utilise our document management solutions.

Alternatively, your organisation may not yet have a dedicated document management system but you are open to hearing how a system could improve your business processes and operational efficiency.

In 2023 we saw a number standard requirements for our document management software such automated invoice processing, but we also had other really valuable requirements which we will detail below. 

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The Industries We Have Worked With

With our document management software there is no industry we don't work with.  Our solutions can be applied across a variety of departments regardless of the field you're in.  However, 2023 saw us working with clients in new industries which provided us with fresh opportunities to do and learn more.

The industries we worked with last year to improve operational efficiency include manufacturing, retail, health and fitness, automotive retail, automotive manufacturing, facilities management, oil and gas, aerospace, the health service, construction, banking, farming, education, logistics, insurance, print, government, animal care, drinks retail, drinks manufacturing and luxury online retail.

The size of these organisations range from 30 staff right up to global firms. For some it was a departmental solution whilst others implemented our document management system DocuWare, across multiple departmental processes. 

Some used DocuWare as the sole place to store all business documentation when they replaced server-based storage with a cloud document management system. 

Document Management Project Requirements

Aside from the usual requirements to provide a secure digital repository with bespoke user permissions, we wanted to share some more insight about the other requirements we saw last year. 

Software Integration with 3rd Party Solutions DocuWare Integrations_SAP_Sage

Our document management system DocuWare, has offered a wide range of software integration options for many years but 2023 saw our prospects and clients pushing this subject without us needing to suggest it.  We pride ourselves on having more integration experience than any other DocuWare partner.

Integration options include:

  • Connect to Outlook/ Office 365
  • Full bi-directional data exchange with other applications
  • Connect to Teams
  • Configuration using buttons within other applications such as ERP/ Finance package
  • Custom programming via URL integration or REST API. 

With our in-house expertise, we have the ability to automate end-to-end processes and help programs talk to each other, enhancing operational efficiency further.

Bespoke Digital Forms

A well-known north west construction firm had a digital forms requirement to manage contractor payments and pay slips.Digital forms

We provided a portal for a large number of users to access self-generated bills and payment requisitions alongside digital disputes forms for incorrect payment reporting.

This is a great use of DocuWare public forms as there is no license requirement when staff are just creating forms to be approved.

The Benefits Gained:
  • Automated tasks for processing expenses
  • Rules based approval routing to expense approvers
  • Notifications via email to expense claimant
  • Calculations on forms enables staff to self service
  • Greatly reduced time for staff processing expenses
  • Less errors and expense forms needing to be resubmitted

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Embedded Website Form for New Customer Accounts

The initial implementation for this family-owned plant hire company was for a cloud-based document management system to create and store digital forms for health and safety checks as they are IPAF regulated.

The company also signs up a lot of new customers, and the process lacked operational efficiency.  It was particularly laborious due to the rigorous checks required to hire out machinery such as cherry pickers and platforms. 

As their experience of DocuWare grew, they soon found other uses for the software and realised a large amount of time could be saved by embedding a new customer form on their website.

The Benefits Gained:
  • Automated reminders of when equipment checks are due
  • Easier adherence to regulatory requirements
  • Alerts when a new customer signs up
  • Transparency of tasks due / overdue
  • The ability to create new digital forms themselves with no input from us.

Integrated Digital Signatures for New Customer Onboarding

A national brewery and hotel chain utilised our integrated digital signature solutions to support new customer onboarding.

They are now able to sign up new suppliers and clients for wedding and event bookings using an end to end digital process. Previously they used a standalone digital signature platform which provided the legally binding signature, but nothing more.  They can now store signed documents in a centalised and secure document repository with reminders tasks and approvals built in. 

The Benefits Gained:
  • The ability to process high volumes of new supplier and customer forms with ease
  • Transparency across the entire process for all involved
  • Workloads can be prioritised and organised more efficiently
  • Approvers can complete their work from any location
  • A central repository with rules built in for approvals and tasks reminders

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A More Efficient Expense Management System

A global digital agency with offices around the world, prioritise improving a brands marketing and engagement with a data driven approach to create connections and generate meaningful marketing results.

Although they are a forward-thinking technology company, their finance processes remained antiquated against the expectations of the business.  A particularly cumbersome process was employee expenses where they used a combination of spreadsheets and emails to manage it all.

Despite being a digital organisation, both their expenses and invoice processes were very manual and labour intensive.  This led them to speak with us about our expense management software.

The Benefits Gained:
  • Quicker completion of employee expense
  • Staff can do their own admin and are reimbursed quickly
  • Improved document control in finance
  • One platform for all processes
  • Less time spent on manual tasks
  • Superior tech-based solution
  • Secure and compliant
  • A platform that can expand to accommodate growth

Finance Approval Workflows

A financial consulting firm were processing financial documents for 40 clients which led them to use two different finance packages.  There was a variety of processes in place, and the client in question and their associated finance package would determine which process was used.  71% of IT decision-makers who come from companies that do not consider digitizing document workflows as a “standard protocol” say that this attitude is changing

Documents were still printed off, stored in hard copy or emailed around which was time consuming for the finance team, reduced operational efficiency and created work to understand where any errors had come from. 

By creating bespoke approval workflows with a document management system, the team have removed manual tasks and streamlined the entire process.

The Benefits Gained:
  • Saved time on every part of the invoice approval and posting process
  • Improved data accuracy and reduction in human errors
  • Digital storage has removed physical storage
  • Access to documents from anywhere with a web connection
  • Best in class security and compliance
  • Pain free audits
  • Platform for growth
  • Potential for improved document control across the whole business

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Improved Document Approvals

A National Building Society contacted us to address problems with their existing document approval process.  Documents were emailed around the business for approval and the process tracked on a spreadsheet.  

As a result the process was slow, error prone, hard to follow and inconsistent.  Knowing there were document management solutions available, they wanted to implement a digital solution to add more automation and control to the process. wasted time on document approval

The Benefits Gained:
  • Huge increase in operational efficiency and transparency
  • They now have a single source of truth
  • Task alerts used for deadline reminders reducing conflict/frustration in the team
  • Reduced risk or errors which can cost the business money or reputational damage
  • Automated processes reducing admin time across the team

Automated Finance Processes

The existing accounts payable processes of a luxury online retailer were very manual, time consuming and open to error.  They were managed using email, spreadsheets and lots of manual data entry. The finance teams' time was being used to manually process invoices.  Time that could be better spent on more valuable, profit-making activities.  

Having worked with DocTech in a previous role, the Chief Financial Officer contacted us to see if we had a solution to help improve the efficiency and accuracy of their finance processes with a requirement to include rules-based decisions.

The Benefits Gained:
  • Automated data capture from incoming invoices which removed manual data entry
  • Accounts payable process is slick and transparent
  • There is a single source of truth
  • Integration with finance package Sun Systems streamlines processes further
  • Substitutions and escalations are used in the document workflow to avoid bottlenecks
  • Automated processes reduce admin time across the team
  • No more chasing approvers with multiple emails and phone calls

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Central Document Pool

A national vehicle sales company utilised the full DocuWare solution for their vehicle sales packs. This includes onboarding new customers with a digital signature followed by the storage of all supporting documents and finance agreements.

They now successfully use digital tasks lists for transparency of outstanding work, as well as automated reminders and approvals. 

The Benefits Gained:
  • End to end transparency of the sales process
  • Transparency of outstanding tasks
  • Ability to forecast
  • Slick approval process
  • Faster sales process increasing revenue
  • Ability to incorporate digital signatures to the process for remote sales

We hope these examples have given you food for thought on speaking to us about the processes you could improve on this year with a dedicated document management system.

With features such as document management integration with your other systems, digital forms, automated data capture and document approvals, there are numerous business processes we want to help you with in your mission to guarantee success for 2024.

If you would like a conversation about improving operational efficiency or any aspect of document management, please get in touch with our team.

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