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Education Document Processes

Author: Ruban Rajasooriyar

Back to school and a routine for many of us and our children today.

Education Document Processes : Take the Headache Out of GDPR for Schools

We have had great success within the Education sector this year in both mainstream and private schools. Our Business Development Manager, Laura Bulmer is focusing on the Education sector for the whole of September.

Laura says: 

" I love revisiting the whole journey through school and I am involved in my daughter's PTA so have an idea of what goes on behind the scenes. What is clear is that funding for schools is so tight that they need to take efficiency and cost saving very seriously. I can see that examining education document processes is something where schools could see big gains. I have noticed something interesting too.....whilst elements of the school are taking advantage of the latest gadgetry (interactive whiteboards, dinner money credit cards, touchscreens and tablets etc), go to the school office and not a great deal seems to have changed in terms of a LOT of paper being produced and stored. I am in talks with the school to take seriously the cost of their printing and how securely and collaborative they are with their student and general data. It's a new way of thinking for a small primary school but they can see the benefits. It has been really rewarding especially with the larger schools where we have integrated with their student records systems (iSAMS, SIMS), email and really changed the way the whole schools works and can quickly and securely access and share the documents they need".

Most Schools are trying to make changes and are now run like any other business. Back office processes and storage of sensitive data is becoming more important than ever to make schools viable as a business and secure. Our document storage software can integrate with most student records systems, your accounts software, intranet and email package. Your staff can collaborate on documents from any location and store documents safely away into a central repository with bespoke user access rights. Learn more how we are helping both mainstream and private schools and colleges to create transparency and to bring their processes into modern times for efficiency and security.

Laura is interested in speaking to anyone within education who wants to closely examine how they could make improvements to their document storage, retrieval, collaboration, authorisation approvals. You can contact Laura directly  0161 667 3391 /  laura.bulmer@doctech.co.uk.

Education Document Processes: See the impact our solutions have made at York College 
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