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York College

York CollegeYork College serves 13,000 students and is North Yorkshire’s largest provider of education and training for 16 -19 year olds.

Lack Of Space

In 2007, York College moved from five buildings to one central campus, and while the new campus had many advantages, document storage space was not one of them.  They knew they needed a better solutions.

The College also needed to have tamper free storage to meet legal requirements, advance the transparency of their workflows, improve ways to share information and reduce document searching times.

DocuWare was chosen because it met all of the College’s requirements including ease-of-use, flexibility and price.

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DocTech's Solution

DocuWare was implemented across the Finance Department where thousands of invoices and purchases orders needed better organisation. 

Now, a barcoded sticker containing a unique Purchase Invoice number is placed on the document and invoices are batch scanned into DocuWare.

Software Integration

Once the barcoded number is added to the accounting data record, the information is completely synchronised with DocuWare and the accounting system via a simple integration.

In the Human Resources Department, the solutions security features are used to ensure only staff with specific access rights can view confidential information including application forms, play slips and contracts.

DocuWare is also used in the Student Records Department and integrates into the third party software UNIT-e.



What Benefits Did We Provide?

  • Document storage needs were dramatically reduced making for an easier office move

  • Thousands of documents are now stored digitally

  • Automatic indexing of scanned documents and integration with existing systems has means consistency and improved document accessibility

  • Enhanced document security means only users with authorised access and view documents.

What are The Results?

Staff at the College have seen the long term benefits that DocTech solutions have provided, and how quick document retrieval has simplied their workload.  Our relationship continues to go from strength to strength and we're grateful to the trust they have put in us.


digtal documents

were created by back scanning in bulk before the college moved.


less time

spent looking through files to find the information the need.  DocuWare's digital files take seconds to retrieve compare to hours with paper files.

How Can We Help?

improve processes

Finance Department

Get transparency and efficiency by digitsing the Accounts Payable process.  Reduce manual data entry and remove duplicate invoices.

Document Scanner

Archive Scanning

We have the solutions if you have a large number of back dated files that need scanning into your document management system.

Employee managament

Human Resources

A secure and centralised repository for all confidential HR documents. Simplify SAR requests and comply with GDPR.

Contact us - info@doctech.co.uk or 0161 647 7040