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Understanding the Different kinds of DocuWare Integration

Rachel Tilley Author: Rachel Tilley

If you're looking for a Document Management System that can easily integrate into your organisations existing environment, to either work as a stand alone solution or to talk to your existing applications, then read on to understand how a solution from DocTech can help.

Document Management Industry Experts

We have close to 40 years of industry knowledge and are the UK and Ireland's most experienced DocuWare partner.  This makes us a trusted choice to improve your document processes. 

With DocuWare all your documents are stored digitally in a central location, removing the need for paper or unorganised network folders.

The list of applications and products we're able to integrate with continues to grow, and we have a team equipped with the technical know how to help every step of the way. 

Why Integrate DocuWare?

A DocuWare solution from DocTech means your applications can work together and employees no longer need to move between separate systems to find the information they need.  A DocuWare and Sage integration allows your finance team quick access to documents stored in DocuWare, right from within Sage. 

Alternatively, you can enhance how your ERP system works by integrating DocuWare to store every document related to the business, with the addition of approval workflows and retention rules. 

The integration of DocuWare and your other business systems means information can easily flow between departments and teams, improving communication, collaboration and customer service.DWSAPSAGEDT 2

Due to its web-based development, DocuWare is generally open for every kind of digital infrastructure. Using an API, (Application Programming Interface) allows DocuWare to talk with your other applications. An API communicates to a system what you want so it can understand and fulfil the request.

This central API is open for programming of all kinds, from constructing your own apps to embedding filing cabinets and other DocuWare resources as fully customised and branded extensions of your application.

DocuWare works with diverse data sources: a standalone database, a DocuWare database, or even a simple CSV file. The solution also exchanges data via a Platform Service which bundles all access to DocuWare from external applications and devices. The Platform Service is REST-based, ensuring all resources and API points have a URL. Data can move between systems regardless of the device or operating system.

Benefits of DocuWare Integration

  • Enable multiple systems to work as one, with integration into a variety of third party applications
  • Real time information easily available 
  • Bespoke integrations for specific requirements
  • Access the documents you need in DocuWare from within your existing systems
  • Speed up financial, HR, sales, CRM or quality processes
  • Store documents straight from your inbox - no need to print
  • Increase communication across teams or departments
  • Reduce manual data entry
  • Access from mobile devices both in and out of the office
  • Integration with hardware like scanners
  • Flexible API

DocTech Promise to You

At DocTech we will work with you to understand your processes, and show you how integration with DocuWare will improve the way your organisation operates.  A document management solution should compliment your existing applications, provide the document security your organisation requires and improve staff productivity. 

“By using DocuWare’s integration tool we have managed to incorporate enterprise grade, reliable document management functionality into our CRM software to make one system for information."

Book a free discovery call for an assessment of your processes with one of our specialists.  Learn how your organisation can benefit from integration with DocuWare.

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