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Teams Integration with DocuWare

Laura Bulmer Author: Laura Bulmer   |    On: Thursday Nov 30, 2023

A Microsoft Teams integration with DocuWare means data can easily flow between the two applications providing better working options for employees.  Documents or files shared in Teams chats can be indexed and filed straight to DocuWare.

Why do Companies want Microsoft Teams Integrations?

Companies often seek Microsoft Teams integrations for several reasons. The platform offers a comprehensive collaboration and communication environment, but there are processes which require a formal document management tool to assist.

DocuWare users are no different in that a huge majority rely more and more on tools such as Microsoft Teams.  As they become more engrained with the app, DocuWare users have pushed for functionality to combine the collaboration capabilities of MS Teams with the storage, archiving and workflow capabilities of DocuWare.

The goal they are looking for is to achieve easy collaboration within departments.  Allowing users to access and share documents they are working on through Microsoft Teams whilst having these documents reside in DocuWare.

This is now possible with DocuWare, and the required DocuWare App for Microsoft Teams can be found within Microsoft Teams in the apps section.

The Benefits of Applications Integrating With Microsoft Teams

Software integration provides a variety of benefits including improved collaboration, better sharing of business documents and the availability of real-time information across the organisation. 

Centralised Collaboration

Microsoft Teams serves as a centralised hub for collaboration, bringing together chat, video conferencing, file sharing, and more.

Integrating other tools allows users to access multiple functionalities from within Teams, reducing the need to switch between different applications.

By adding a DocuWare integration, businesses ensure that the document-based rules are still being adhered to as well as allowing employees another easy way to access DocuWare.

Employee Adoption

Many companies use Microsoft Teams as their primary collaboration tool.  Integrating other tools that employees regularly use such as DocuWare, into Teams, can facilitate higher adoption rates, as employees can continue to work with familiar tools in a unified environment.

In summary, Microsoft Teams integrations are sought after because they enable companies to create a unified and efficient digital workspace, where employees can collaborate, communicate, and access information seamlessly. This can contribute to increased productivity, improved communication, and a more streamlined work experience.

Document Sharing

document sharingIntegrating tools such as DocuWare, project management software, or customer relationship management (CRM) platforms with Microsoft Teams massively aids efficiency.

Users can perform tasks and access information without leaving the Teams interface, which enhances productivity and saves time.  There is an integrated DocuWare browser within MS Teams for DocuWare cloud users.

Single documents from a file cabinet can be posted via link from DocuWare to a chat or Microsoft Teams channel. Shared documents remain in DocuWare and are also protected in Microsoft Teams by the permissions defined in DocuWare.

Real-Time Communication

Many integrations enable real-time communication and updates. For example, notifications and alerts from other applications can be sent directly to Teams, keeping users informed about important events or changes.

Enhanced Collaboration

Integration with collaboration tools, such as file-sharing platforms or project management software, fosters seamless collaboration among team members. It allows them to work together on documents, share updates, and coordinate tasks within the Teams environment.

DocuWare can assist Teams channels in being able to search for documents related to a specific project, channel or conversation within Teams. 

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Features of the DocuWare App within Microsoft Teams

You can add DocuWare lists and tasks to a chat or channel in Microsoft Teams.  Tasks and lists are then available as separate tabs for everyone in the conversation.  Users can open documents and tasks directly from Microsoft Teams in the browser.

The required DocuWare App for Microsoft Teams can be found within Microsoft Teams in the Apps section.  Please note that these are general steps, and the specific process may vary based on the version of Microsoft Teams and DocuWare you are using.

For the most accurate and up-to-date information on this integration, please contact the DocTech support team.

To add a DocuWare list or task list in Microsoft Teams, click the plus icon in a chat or channel:

MS Teams and DocuWare

Select the DocuWare App and log into DocuWare to access tasks and lists in DocuWare:

integrating Teams and DocuWare

Select a DocuWare list or task and give the tab a name:

DocuWare lists

After indexing has begun, the following steps differ in detail, depending on whether DocuWare Cloud, or a locally installed DocuWare version is being used.

In DocuWare Cloud, start Indexing opens the index dialog with viewer directly in Microsoft Teams:

DocuWare Indexing

As you can see, it’s fairly straight forward to set up the DocuWare App within Microsoft Teams. It will be interesting to see how the feature is used and developed.

The functionality with the Microsoft Teams and DocuWare integration is ever evolving and we have no doubt DocuWare will strive to enable as much functionality between the two solutions as possible.

Teams Integration and Access to Policies

A great use case for DocuWare and MS Teams is for global policies and procedures.  These types of documents could be made available via a Teams Channel and only be edited by authorised users.

This would allow very easy access to documents such as HR policies and digital forms for processes in HR and quality departments.

DocuWare Cloud users will have access to this function as standard.  For On-Premise DocuWare users, this is a paid add-on module called 'Connect to Teams'.

For more info on using MS Teams with DocuWare, please email your account manager at DocTech or contact  support@doctech.co.uk

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