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The Latest DocuWare Releases – An Overview From DocTech

Laura Bulmer Author: Laura Bulmer   |    On: Thursday May 11, 2023

DocuWare 7.8 on premise is now available. Cloud customers will be upgraded via the DocuWare schedule as normal. 

With each release, DocuWare publish a full “What’s New” PDF and system requirements documentation. 
They are pretty lengthy so let’s a take a look at the past couple of DocuWare releases and the overall improvements they have delivered.

You can find all the headline features of each DocuWare release as well as the system requirements here

DocuWare 7.8 Headline Features:

  • Retrieve table data from external sql tables (eg. order lines)
  • Web service functionality made more user friendly
  • 2 additional languages, Slovenian and Vietnamese – total is now 24 languages.
  • Workflow Management: Retrieve table data from external SQL Tables
  • Single Sign On: More SSO providers supported via Open ID Connect
  • Rest API Calls: Web service functionality is more user friendly
  • Language Diversity: 2 Additional languages, Slovenian & Vietnamese - total is now 24 languages
  • Recycle Bin is back

DocuWare 7.7 Headline features

  • New Full Text Server for On Premises Systems delivers faster results using the SolR 8 platform
  • Extra select lists 9in forms – can now have up to 1000 entries
  • Stopping multiple workflow requests at once now available
  • DocuWare IPaaS Connector on Make: Automated workflows in the cloud
  • Document filtering now available in trays and when listing linked documents
  • Templates for file cabinet notifications via webhooks to Slack and MS Teams
  • Intelligent Indexing now automatically fills table fields
  • Exports – separating index field data into multiple columns is now easier to configure

DocuWare 7.6 Headline Features:

  • Sharing DocuWare links with Microsoft Teams
  • Save straight to the File Cabinet with DocuWare Mobile
  • Table field row manipulation improvements
  • Filtering select lists of form fields
  • Tasklist: result list selection for user functions
  • Workflow history displays processors directly
  • Defining full-text language per file cabinet
  • Dynamically control permissions for user roles and groups
  • User login/logout details for audit reports

If you would like the full What’s New PDFs and/or system requirements, please contact laura.bulmer@doctech.co.uk or phone her directly on 0161 667 3391.

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