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What Matters in Document Management Software

Author: Ruban Rajasooriyar

Document management software can come with a variety of different features to improve how a business operates.  Based on 25 years of DocuWare experience with our clients, we’ve summarised what capabilities we feel matter the most.

  1. Security with a Document Management System

Data breaches are prominent.  Data security includes protecting customer data, confidential employee records, product information and financial data.

Document management software should ensure that documents and data are captured, processed and stored securely.  They should be protected against misuse or loss. Make sure that a robust rights structure controls which documents users can view, retrieve, edit, export, modify and delete. This enforces confidentiality because the information is only accessible to authorised users.

Encryption provides next-level security for cloud-based software. All documents should be stored with AES, and all internet communication traffic should be sent through TLS, HTTPS and HSTS.

  1. Ease of Use

The aim with DocuWare is to minimise the number of clicks needed to complete a process.  Your document management software should replicate or enhance your existing processes.  If you manually match a PO with an invoice then authorise payment, this can be digitally automated.

Any complicated technical stuff happens in the background.  After initial training from our team of technical experts, users should be able to hit the ground running with DocuWare.  These same experts are available to our clients for support at any time.

  1. Capture

Capture capabilities automate the process of scanning paper documents or importing electronic documents into document management software. Data can be imported from all file formats from Microsoft Word to CAD drawings.

DocuWare’s Intelligent Indexing automatically captures the most important data from scanned documents and uses it to populate index fields.  The system learns with the more documents it processes.  Suggested index words are automatically and reliably assigned if the system is familiar with a document type. The user only has to confirm or improve the suggestions.

  1. Workflow Automation

A workflow enables you to act on the information you have captured.  Workflows can route tasks to multiple people or departments for review, enables decision making and kicks off the next step in a process.  A sales order that enters the software for example, could automatically generate a task to a user in production to start work.  A digital workflow can enhance any existing process you have, but remove some of the manual steps that can slow things down.

  1. Scalable Architecture

Scaling up as your needs change should be done without affecting other aspects of the organisation or the software.  There should be no need to retrain employees on how to use the system. A comprehensive document management system enables you to start with a few users in a single department.  You could then, gradually expand the system into other departments without affecting performance.

  1. Mobile Capabilities

With DocuWare’s mobile app, users can access documents, stay involved in workflows, and store documents anytime, anywhere.  Employees can receive alerts of new tasks to review and documents to approve. They can collaborate with other staff members in real time to keep work moving forward.

  1. Integration

No single software solution can meet all your business needs. Document management software should add significant functionality to other software in your IT infrastructure. Due to its web-based development, DocuWare can integrate with almost every kind of digital infrastructure.  DocuWare can integrate with a CRM, an ERP, Finance Software, Case Management Systems, School Management systems as well as many others.

  1. Emails

Emails can be as important as any other business document.  DocuWare can store emails and attachments straight from your inbox, as well as monitor a shared inbox and automatically store anything that means predefined rules.

DocuWare ensures information contained in email messages is accessible to all authorised users.

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