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Managing Travel Expenses

Employee expenses; every company has them and every member of staff wants the money reimbursed quickly, but completing the paperwork that’s required is tiresome. Business travel management is time-consuming for all involved. 

Employees need to document where they were and when and produce a receipt for every item they have bought. Depending on the size of your company, Finance may process hundreds of claims each month.

Our solutions make processing employee expenses easier. We create simple electronic templates available to all departments involved in the expense process. The system can handle calculations, currency conversions and split money across various cost centres as required. 

Receipts are captured digitally and attached to expense line items, with the ability to validate against any parameters set by your business – i.e. lunch expense shouldn’t total more than £10. Managers can approve or decline expenses from within the system before anything is processed.

The Benefits of Business Travel Management

  • Make completing expenses more user friendly
  • Conform to one process structure company wide
  • Save time
  • Enable employees on the road to digitally capture and store their receipts in real time
  • Secure archiving and fast access to documents
  • Control and transparency 
  • Visibility of status for employees
  • Reduced administrative effort

Perfect Products For Your Business!

Our extensive range of products can help your business on its digital journey.  Suitable for organisations of any size, and as simple or as complex as you need them to be.

Document Management

With DocuWare all your documents are stored and shared digitally.  It’s faster, more transparent, and more efficient than traditional paper-based methods.

Go Paperless


We create digital workflows to meet an organisation’s bespoke requirements. We can provide an electronic system to track, edit and manage all documents associated with any existing or new process.

Digital Processes

Data Capture

Accurate data capture is vital, and some organisations have very specific needs. Our products help extract data for those with information in unstructured formats.

Get Accurate Data

Desktop Scanners

Our document scanning software gives you full control of the flow of information coming into your business. No more lost documents or bottlenecks.


Reporting Suite

Use a central platform to collect, integrate, analyse and present your organisation’s data from multiple databases. Measure and track KPIs in real time.

Track KPIs

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