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Document Management Software in Engineering

Engineering document storage and processes are complex and involve large volumes of documentation in varying formats that are shared between architects, designers, engineers, contractors, suppliers and manufacturers.

With Electronic Document Management, engineering organisations of all sizes can benefit from automated workflows, just like client Irwin M&E, that streamline and manage their business processes. Information is readily available and accessed from a central document pool by those who need it whenever and wherever they might be.

With DocTech, documentation is transformed into valuable capital, reducing costs and improving productivity.  Manage workflow approvals, change requests and enhance project management colloboration.

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Why do Engineers use our software?

  • Paper-based processes are reduced - meaning more efficiency and less opportunity for loss or confusion
  • Adhere to the stringent Product Liability laws and guidelines regarding the storage and long term archiving of documents
  • Inter-departmental access to all documents, regardless of data source or location
  • Minimise the risk of costly mistakes with full version control of every change made to a document, in real-time
  • No more risk of loss, damage, or even theft. Documents are preserved and backed up.
  • Grant access to the right documents to the right people, based on their role
  • Easily access documents in a clearly structured system that meets today’s, and future legal guidelines

Consider DocTech for your business process improvements

Increase efficiency and streamline engineering processes with Electronic Document Management.

With document management software for the engineering industry, you can say goodbye to the days when a misplaced document would throw a metaphorical spanner in the works. Instead, all documents - whether they be CAD Drawings, design files, emails and other supporting documentation that is paramount to an efficient engineering process - are stored digitally in the cloud. Fully accessible by anyone with the relevant permissions, and fully backed up.

DocTech's document management solutions  enable you to adhere to the stringent Product Liability laws and guidelines regarding the storage and long term archiving of documents. At the same time, easing workflow processes and allowing inter-departmental access to all documents, regardless of data source or location. 

Our software makes engineering, production and manufacturing processes more efficient. The system handles all of your documentation from multiple locations in one central document pool. When implemented, your documents are secure, yet easily accessed by authorised employees, in a clearly structured system that meets today’s, and future legal guidelines. This leaves you to concentrate on our primary business goals, safe in the knowledge that guidelines are being adhered to.

From simple file management to full workflow solutions, document management software is the perfect solution for any organisation that faces an ongoing battle with storing document and information.

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Perfect Solutions For Your Business!

We are industry experts with over 75 years of combined experience on our team. We have delivered success for hundreds of businesses just like yours.

Paper Heavy

Reduce all associated paper costs and digitally store your documents in a secure and centralised location. Documents cannot be lost or duplicated and are readily available when you need them.

Reduce Paper Use


To comply with industry regulations, we can help you manage document version control, provide a clear audit trail and know who was the last person to amend what document and when.

Comply With Regulations

Accounts Payable

Automate manual data entry, provide accurate data capture of incoming invoices and get real time information. Ensure your team has full visibility of the process from start to finish.

Streamline Accounts


At DocTech, we can ensure the security, tracking, version control and auditability of your documents are achieved, and our document management system complies with the standards of ISO.

Simplify Audits


We create digital workflows to meet an organisation’s bespoke requirements. We can provide an electronic system to track, edit, store and manage all documents associated with any existing or new process.

Digital Processes

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