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integration-user--juraJURA is the only brand in the world to focus solely on developing premium, automatic coffee machines. Fundamental Swiss values shape the DNA of JURA: innovation, precision, quality, reliability and sustainability.

Prior to engaging DocTech, JURA’s documents were spread out in different locations within the company – some in paper binders and some in electronic files on a server. Every week, an average of 600 additional, often multipage documents were added. A team of 40 employees needed to access these daily in order to do their work.

A service order at JURA can quickly generate up to eight documents, such as an initial email from the customer, proof of purchase and a diagnostic file. Every JURA machine comes with a comprehensive analysis report that is generated as an electronic text document.  For every repair, all these documents were printed for their technicians, and with more than 5,000 machines serviced every year, that was a lot of printing.

The biggest challenge  was being able to quickly retrieve important documents.  Employees often didn’t know where to look or needed a lot of time to search for the information they needed. Plus
occasionally documents would be lost along the way.

JURA wanted a solution and a partner who were accessible locally and who were there for support whenever they needed.

DocTech's Solution

JURA launched its document management system in March 2016 in the Accounting Department and was then rolled out to all other parts of the organisation. Today, half of JURA staff are utilising DocuWare as part of their everyday work. Before the roll-out, DocTech conducted an analysis of their current workflow processes.  Transitioning from paper to electronic document management was simple in large part because they didn’t have to change any existing processes.

Incoming accounts payable invoices are scanned at receipt and placed in the digital basket of the Accounting Department. From here, they are booked in Microsoft Dynamics Navision (JURA’s ERP system) and then using this booking data, are automatically indexed and stored in the central document pool.  Archiving these invoices is all just a matter of clicking a button.

For outgoing accounts receivable invoices the process is even slicker. All invoices generated are archived out of Navision ERP and straight into DocuWare. The extra bonus; the system is able to independently recognise when a new document is stored, then retrieves the customer’s e-mail address and automatically sends it directly to the customer.


What Benefits Did We Provide? 

Without ever having to leave their familiar interface, employees can  access digitally stored documents directly from their ERP system. A button integrated in Navision immediately serves up any service records.

Quick document access has been a big bonus for customer service.

Invoices are sent out quicker than they ever were with no manual work from employees.

The simplicity of the system means employees immediately accepted it.

What are The Results?

JURA plans to apply the use of the DMS as a mobile application in the near future. Technicians repairing a machine in a restaurant will be able to use a tablet or smartphone to access all previous support requests and reports.


emails per week

managed with ease by a small customer service team because of new efficient workflow methods.


service documents

received every week that are now digitally managed by DocuWare.

How Can We Help?

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With DocuWare all your documents are stored and shared digitally. It’s faster, more transparent, and more efficient than paper-based methods.



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