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DocuWare Add-in for Microsoft Outlook Announced

Laura Bulmer Author: Laura Bulmer   |    On: Friday Feb 09, 2024

The new DocuWare Add-in for Microsoft Outlook provides an easy connection of DocuWare Cloud with Microsoft Outlook, but is not currently available for on-premise installations.

This add-in is available with both the web and desktop version and is suitable for Microsoft's web and online versions in all browsers, including Mac operating systems. 

With this DocuWare Add-in for Microsoft Outlook , users can:

  • Store emails and their attachments effortlessly in DocuWare trays or directly to DocuWare filing cabinets
  • Select any attachments to be archived together with the email
  • Instantly use the most valuable information of the email for indexing
  • Accelerate their DocuWare workflows and provide relevant business information to their team by storing related emails directly into DocuWare.  These can be accessed within DocuWare or an organisation's central business application with some simple integration steps. 

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To save an email directly to a DocuWare filing cabinet, the user selects a store dialog and uses checkboxes to select the attachments that are to be archived along with the email.


The DocuWare add-in for Microsoft Outlook is available to DocuWare Cloud customers at no additional cost.  The add-in can be added to Outlook accounts for free via the Microsoft Store within the add-ins section of Outlook, for both web and desktop versions of Microsoft Outlook.

What’s the Difference between “DocuWare Connect to Outlook” and “DocuWare Add-in for Microsoft Outlook”

The new “DocuWare Add-in for Microsoft Outlook” does not replace the traditional Connect to Outlook feature of DocuWare.

Connect to Outlook is widely used by both cloud and on-premise clients who need to store documents from email.  This DocuWare feature is still extremely valuable in it’s own right.

Not only does the Connect to Outlook module work with both on-premise and cloud installations of DocuWare, it has extra features not available with the new add in.

Connect to Outlook is superior where clients have more technical requirements.  These might include using other file cabinets or 3rd party databases to pre-populate index values, retrieving e-invoice data configurations and using document processing configurations for reading out index values.

The new DocuWare Add-in for Microsoft Outlook has one main advantage, and that is linked to the ease of installation per user.  There is no requirement with this new feature for a local installation on the client through DocuWare desktop apps.

If you are using DocuWare Cloud and you want to know more about the new Docuware Add-in for Outlook , please get in touch with your DocuWare provider.

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