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Housing Association Saves Over £22,000 Per Year With Paperless System

Rachel Tilley Author: Rachel Tilley

A leading housing group has revealed that moving one area of its operation from a paperless system to a digital system has saved £22,500 per year through using DocTech's document management software.

Mosscare St Vincent’s Housing Group (MSV) also said migrating its gas safety reporting processes to an online document management system has saved 234 days of work annually since the Covid-19 pandemic began in 2020.MSV logo

The north west community-based landlord, which owns and manages 9,000 rental homes across the region - 7,500 of which it routinely services – reported reducing time by an average of 15 minutes per property by cutting needless paperwork.

John Paul Petryczuk, ICT and business systems architect at MSV, which employs 350 staff, said:

“It has been a revelation since we moved away from using paper for filing our gas safety certificates.  When you consider the number of properties we service, that is a lot of time and money we have recouped in a relatively short period.

There were so many issues we had to deal with in terms of certificates getting lost, damaged or misplaced.  If there were any issues with the reports, we would need to send another engineer back to the property to go through the whole process again. It caused significant problems for many years.

Since switching from a paperless system to a digital one to file and store documents, the problems we were facing no longer exist.  The migration really has been nothing short of a revelation. The sheer number of benefits we have seen has almost been unquantifiable. Everything is now so much easier to store, access and check.

We certainly won’t be going back to paper.”

Working together since 2001, DocTech have supported MSV in streamlining other areas of its operations, including accounts payable and general administration.

71% of IT decision-makers who come from companies that do not consider digitizing document workflows as a “standard protocol” say that this attitude is changingThe Housing Group's automated solution was introduced in 2015 to improve efficiency, but with the emergence of the covid pandemic at the start of 2020, everything changed.

Social distancing, remote working and other restrictions on human contact rendered traditional paper systems virtually obsolete.

To maintain its document workflow processes throughout 2020 and the following year, MSV said it had to expand its digital systems to remove the need to share physical documents such as tenancy agreements, reports and contracts.

Digital signatures were also introduced by integrating DocTech solutions with MSV’s housing management system, MRI Housing Enterprise.

The group said the move to DocuWare was an instant success.

Paul Clark, senior applications analyst at MSV, said:

“Aside from saving time and money on issues with paper certificates and reports, we also started to notice huge savings on the removal of small tasks such as scanning and printing.

In isolation, these might seem like minor benefits, but when you calculate the thousands of these documents we process each year, it adds up to significant savings across the board.

We have now adopted DocTech solutions for pretty much every system we possibly can across the organisation, which involves thousands of documents. It is incredibly intuitive, flexible, compliant and secure, and everything is automated so it frees us up to work on other tasks. It has been a blessing.

How We Helped Mosscare St Vincent's Housing Group

Managing Director Ruban Rajasooriyar added:

“The firm’s 22 years’ experience of working with public organisations has enabled the business to evolve to meet the ever-changing needs of the sector.

Many of our biggest clients are in the public sector, which has helped us to develop a deep understanding of the unique challenges they face.

Our clients focus is on developing an efficient hybrid workforce which is also safe and transparent with regards to the appropriate management of sensitive data. We are constantly evolving our solutions to tackle the challenges faced by our clients.

Our longstanding and excellent working relationship with MSV and its continuous expansion into digital document management is testament to our team’s ‘solution-first’ approach.

It is fantastic that our system has had such a positive impact on the organisation’s working practices.”

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