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A Guide to DocuWare and SAP Integrations

Author: Ruban Rajasooriyar

We are often asked about DocuWare's integration with ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions and in particular SAP, the ERP market leader.  At DocTech we have years of experience and numerous DocuWare and SAP integrations under our belt.

We firmly believe the implementations that provide the best value are those with systems that work together to improve processes and reduce cost.

ERP and Document Management

ERP software helps to manage day to day business processes such as stock control, supply chain management, sales, finance, logistics etc. using a single system.  It gives management the visibility to monitor operations across every aspect of the business. 

This in turn produces large volumes of documents which all need to be stored and processed according to various legal regulations.  This is where ERP integration such as SAP with a document management system like DocuWare plays a vital role, as neither system can do what the other does.DW and SAP

Once documents are archived in DocuWare they are immediately available for any SAP requirement, such as recalling an invoice linked to a SAP record.  DocuWare can 'sit' within the SAP environment via an integrated button enabling staff to view documents without ever having having to leave the ERP system. 

A unique value applied in both systems such as a barcode or the SAP DocID provides this seamless link.. DocuWare is accessed via a web browser so no additional software installation is required.

Incoming and outgoing documents created in SAP can be stored in DocuWare with SAP filing strategies supported such as early and late storage.  For example an invoice can first be stored in DocuWare and then booked in SAP, or the other way around where the invoice is captured in SAP and then stored to DocuWare.

The Benefits of SAP Integration

  • DocuWare has been a certified SAP Partner since 2001 and the software is regularly submitted to SAP for testing to ensure the latest compatibility.
  • There are high levels of security between both systems using encrypted SSL/TLS.
  • Streamlined and automated business processes by enhancing visibility and access to information across the organisation.
  • Avoid errors and duplication of data as copies are updated across systems opposed to multiple entries of the same data. 
  • Be audit ready with documents filed where they should be and retention rules applied
  • A future proofed system as DocuWare implements the current SAP interface standard ArchiveLink Version 4.7 and is upwardly compatible.

Through feedback from our customers we know the difference this type of document management integration can make.  Whether it's the security and ease of having documents saved in a central repository, or increased production by eliminating manual tasks. 

If your organisation is using SAP or any other ERP system, speak with us about how we can enhance your processes through DocuWare integration and ensure better insight and reporting across the business.

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