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Users of Document Management

Author: Ruban Rajasooriyar

The users of a document management system can be anyone!  That’s what can make our job so hard sometimes.  Who do we target?  Industry specific, job function, location, all of the above? Essentially any business with documents could become a client, and that could be yours.

Here is one of the more unique reasons a document management system has been implemented for one of our clients.

Literary Agency

In a world surrounded by books from bestselling authors, you wouldn’t necessarily think about a literary agency being users of a document management system.  But with paper piling up, our client was running out of storage space.  This coupled with the frustrations brought by searching everywhere for the documents they needed, meant something had to change.

With 200 authors on their accounts they had hundreds of Royalty Statements, pension documents, invoices and contracts that needed organising and filing in a way they could be easily found.  Added to that, staff on the road needed access to contract information and wanted a more efficient way of getting it.  Ringing the office and someone manually finding the details was becoming a bit tedious.

Information on paper documents was cross referenced with their publishing software, creating manual and time consuming tasks.  If a document was altered in anyway, the new version was printed out and filed.

The Solution

Using the Connect to Outlook function of DocuWare, all Royalty Statements are now saved into the system directly from email inboxes.  As soon as the document is saved, retention rules can be applied.  The document will then be automatically be deleted by the software when it no longer needs to be legally stored.

Documents are now scanned to a dedicated tray which can be picked up by staff and stored accordingly.  Users accessing the document management system can search by author name, and all information relating to these authors appears.

Smart Connect is a feature of DocuWare that enables access to documents from within our clients publishing software, Bradbury Phillips.  It means they no longer have to switch between different applications to view the document they need, saving time and effort.

Return on Investment

Our client has seen a huge reduction on time that was previously spent on manual tasks.  All Royalty Statements are now easy to find and are stored in one secure location.  Multi-page documents are no longer printed, as they are stored directly to DocuWare.  Scanned documents reduce paper costs as well as physical storage space.

Remote access to documents is available to authorised users from anywhere with a mobile device, making working life easier for those out on the road.

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