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Employee Management

Irrespective of business size, effective employee management is crucial not only for the positive effects on staff morale but from a legal point of view too. Human Resource departments generally have fewer staff and smaller budgets but also face some of the biggest document demands in a business.

When you think of what each new employee will have in their personnel file; Job application and CV, role description, job offer letter, contract, emergency contact information, training records, benefits information, appraisal forms etc, the demands on HR professionals mount up. Here there is a high need to be compliant and efficient.

Our software can help with applicant tracking; providing email notifications of next steps throughout the hiring process.  Web forms can help with onboarding, a new hire’s basic details are pre-filled, so new employees only have to provide this information once.  We can help to digitise the employee review process to automate appraisal reminders, alongside holiday requests routed via line managers and HR for approval.

The Benefits of Employee Management

  • Automate the handling of routine HR tasks
  • Comply with GDPR regulations around data protection and access
  • Ensure your organisation has the capabilities to effectively deal with any Subject Access Requests
  • New starters can send their information electronically, speeding up processing times
  • Reduce paper usage
  • Digitally manage the retention and deletion of documents
  • Simplify the search through employee records
  • Ensure only authorised personnel have access to confidential information

Perfect Solutions For Your Business!

Our extensive range of products can help your business on its digital journey.  Suitable for organisations of any size, and as simple or as complex as you need them to be.

Document Management

With DocuWare all your documents are stored and shared digitally.  It’s faster, more transparent, and more efficient than traditional paper-based methods.

Go Paperless


We create digital workflows to meet an organisation’s bespoke requirements. We can provide an electronic system to track, edit, store and manage all documents associated with any existing or new process.

Digital Processes

Digital Signatures

Digital signature technology improves the speed of auditing, provides smoother turnaround on contract completions, as well as reducing the associated costs.

Sign Electronically

Paper Heavy

Reduce all associated paper costs and digitally store your documents in a centralised location. Documents cannot be lost or duplicated.

Reduce Paper Use

Reporting Suite

Use a central platform to collect, integrate, analyse and present your organisation’s data from multiple databases. Measure and track KPIs in real time.

Track KPIs

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