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The Benefits of DocuWare and Sage Integration

DocuWare and Sage Integration may be crucial to any growing business, as continuing to manage paper finance records can be very difficult.

A well-known food manufacturer with 12 business locations recently started using DocuWare.  They told us it took one finance administrator 3-4 days a week, to type invoice information into their finance system.  Managers were also typing data to compile a weekly report, meaning staff had less time for their core responsibilities.  Information was located in different systems due to outdated paper and manual processes, which caused further delays.

Creating Efficiency

Invoices are now scanned at each business location and automatically indexed.  Intelligent Indexing is a service that learns how to “recognise” index terms wherever they are on a page.

The department head then receives an invoice electronically, and fixes any missing index terms and reviews the costs.  An electronic stamp is used (just as you’d stamp a paper invoice), and the invoice is sent to the Finance Director.  Here it is given one final review before being stored in DocuWare.

There is a tight integration between DocuWare and the company’s accounting solution, Sage.  It allows the finance team quick access to documents stored in DocuWare, right from within Sage.

Business Benefits

This business has reduced data-entry time by 40 hours per week.  Their staff have more time to spend on other key parts of their job. The Finance Department can instantly answer supplier questions relating to any payments. One of the biggest benefits is that they no longer look up information for managers.  These managers have easy access themselves.

Their Finance Manager said the biggest advantage of the DocuWare and Sage integration is being able to instantly perform a cost analysis:

“Every month I do an income statement review.  I can easily run a report in the system and be instantly aware of what we are spending. With DocuWare we ended up making our processes better and easier, with the end result being we catch things that would otherwise would have been too hard to spot. This kind of insight is invaluable to us”.

If your business could benefit from DocuWare and Sage Integration, get in touch for a demo or with any questions you may have.

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