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DocWare for Invoice Processing

Rachel Tilley Author: Rachel Tilley   |    On: Tuesday Oct 01, 2019

You may have a lot of questions when looking into DocuWare for invoice processing. Here we aim to help readers understand how the digitisation process works and how exactly your accounts payable systems can be automated.

You can also read more in our Ultimate Guide to Automated Invoice Processing. 

It’s important to get across that we know your business is unlike any other.  There is no ‘one way fits all’ when it comes to digitising invoice processing.  This is why we take the time to get to know you, and how your business works.

DocWare for Invoice Processing should be able to:

  • Capture invoices from a scanner, email, or drag-n-drop from your desktop
  • Validate invoices based on your defined business processes and rules
  • Review invoices, any coding, and approval processes
  • Approve invoices by authorised staff in your organisation
  • Have data available for download to be used as input to your accounting system
  • Allow mobile access so authorised users can approve invoices from any device at any time

Reduce Errors

When an invoice process is completely automated, each step will be well defined.  From data capture to approval, and posting directly to your account package or ERP system. Workflow approvals should be triggered via email alerts, based on the rules you set up.  This will speed up processing times.

Document management for invoice processing, means purchase orders and invoices are automatically checked for duplicates, reducing errors.  The system does not let two invoices with the same reference number enter - therefore you cannot pay someone more than once for the same invoice.

Data Capture

With Intelligent Indexing, data is extracted from any invoice and stored into the system as indexed (manageable) information.  This replaces error prone, manual data.  The software gets used to the invoices you process, the more documents stored, it starts to remember where to find the key information.

Automate Approvals

Digitally routed invoices can reach the approver quicker.  Alternatively, should an invoice meet predefined rules set out by you (e.g. an invoice from supplier X, matches the PO from the same supplier) it can be automatically approved by the software.

Securely Store Documents

All invoices are stored in a secure and accessible central location, and are well organised due to the data capture.  Retention rules can easily be applied and documents quickly sourced for audits.

All of this can be done from any location and from any device.

If you’re thinking of introducing DocWare for invoice processing then speak with us.  DocTech are the longest running UK DocuWare provider with 35 years of experience.

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